10 great vintage Christmas decorating ideas and collectibles

vintage-cardboard-fireplace-for-christmasThanks to everyone who uploaded photos of their retro and vintage Christmas decorations. What a blast! Here are 10 of my favorites, but really, this was an impossible task — there was so much retro inspiration going on. Above, Kristopher’s vintage cardboard fireplace attracted a lot of comments. Gosh, I forgot I needed one of these. Kristopher G. writes:

My nephew, posed with the 1959 Evergleam tree and cardboard fireplace.

Ornaments and decoration handed down from the parents and grandparents were big favorites. Handmade by Mom? The BEST! Jeanne says:

I have to share my stocking that my mom made for me in 1957. It lost a few sequins over the years, but otherwise in good shape.

vintage santa placemats made from feltMore Made in the U.S.A. by M.O.M. Troysf writes:

Santa Placemats my mother made when I was a kid.

vintage-pixie-elf-christmas-figurineI am in love with pixie elves. I think these are my favorite. I neeeeed more! Loren ((aka Husband bungalowranch.blogspot.com) writes:

This picture just mysteriously appeared on our camera. The pixies are very into taking pictures of themselves. Merry Christmas!

vintage drummer boy from 1969More pixie elf love. Gini shares:

Drummer Boy ornament, from 1969, looks like he’s missing a little pearl drumstick end! Also a Christmas gift from my parents.

watercolor paintings of colonial williamsburg

More under the heading of “things I forgot or didn’t even know I needed: I really like the Colonial Williamsburg watercolors – further proof that “retro” is not just mid century modern, it’s early American, too. No name submitted writes:

Candleholders/candy dish – Col. Williamsburg drawings

christmas wreath made from vintage shiny brite ornamentsKatie gets props for making (I think?) a vintage shiny brite wreath using the tips that Georgia Peachez shared with us recently. Well done, Katie, who writes:

My wreath made from old Shiny Brites!

mego cher made up for christmas

Lots of silliness going on. In a good way. Chris writes:

My vintage 1977 Mego “Cher Makeup Center” styling bust all decked out for the holidays!

aluminum christmas tree and color wheelAluminum Christmas trees everywhere! This one represents them all. Jane writes:

Elvis  sleeps in the glow of the aluminum Christmas Tree.  — Elvis (aka) Jane

And our first photo submitted was one of the most heartwarming. Making the best of a situation, Meredith says:

Ladder tree – we are moving TOMORROW – no sense unpacking decos – Ladder Tree to the rescue!

Congrats on the new (old?) house, Meredith. And thanks again to everyone who participated!

  1. Bonnie says:

    Does anyone know what brand that “Jeanne” stocking is? My family has a tradition of felt applique stockings. The ones for the youngest generation are bucilla, the ones from my generation are Lee Wards, but the oldest ones (my mother’s generation) I can’t find any info on. The Jeanne one looks similar, except all the ones in our family have fake fur at the top. Anyone have any clues?


    1. pam kueber says:

      I don’t know the answer to this one, Bonnie, but I have lots of searches on ebay around these kinds of items and will keep my eyes out.

  2. HollyM says:

    My mother made three different felt Christmas socks – – same pattern with some of the same appliques as yours! – – for her 3 daughters. Must have been a popular D-I-Y pattern available at dimestores everywhere, like the cheap (then) Shiny Brite ornaments.

  3. Mary T. says:

    OMG — we had that cardboard fireplace when I was a kid. My sister and I looooved playing next to it since we didn’t have a real fireplace. So fun.

    1. Jan Rader says:

      Elvis looks so much like my Dodger (aka The Artful Dodger), and acts a lot like him, too! How sweet that he wants to pose a lot now!

  4. Nina462 says:

    Pam – Thanks for picking my Coolonial pictures. I’m sorry I forgot to put my name by them. I did mention all the details on the thread (artist etc). Best of all they were FREE!
    Besides Old Williamsburg – you might check out Sturbridge, CT. I came across a Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalogue (circa 1968) with all the goodies that come in pewter or brass. I’ve actually visited there – it’s a nice little day trip.
    Thanks again —

    Myself- I loved ALL the photos.

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