chrome toilet paper roll holderWhere to find a new tissue roller for your old toilet paper holder? Reader Janet finds — and gives her quality stamp of approval to — this replacement part:

Janet writes:

Old TP holders are often missing their rollers. The “chrome” ones in stores and online are almost always chrome over plastic. Yuck. I found a real chrome over steel replacement roller at the local Ferguson Enterprises plumbing supply house (where the professional plumbers go). They looked it up in their catalog and ordered it. Cost was well under $10. Part number appears to be CSI3CH and the description on the invoice says “contw paper roller plstc chr”, which implies plastic, but it isn’t plastic.

Readers, I typed the part number into google and came up with:: “Moen CSI3CH  paper roll”.  Can you bear how exciting this blog gets sometimes? 😉

  1. johnny dollar says:

    metal is clearly superior. i remember as a kid using one at our house – push the smaller section down into the larger section with the spring, and shoot it across the room.

    1. 48cape says:

      I still have one of the “shoot across the room” types in my upstairs bathroom. The chrome isn’t in the best shape. Thank you Janet, now I know that I can replace it. I never would have thought to even look for one, thinking there would be no way anyone makes them anymore.

  2. TappanTrailerTami says:

    I think it is a testament to this blog’s success when the masses here can get excited over toilet paper roller/holders! It is right in line with getting excited over toilet seats (remember, 60+ comments!) And yes, I can hear the excitement out there! Thanks for the tip 🙂


  3. Jeanne says:

    This definitely excites me. 😀 The toilet paper roller we have now is some sort of a plastic cage that holds some beads – I think it used to be an air freshener or something. It seems like it’s disposable or refillable. I’d much rather have a chrome one.

  4. greg says:

    The sku is really 3ch… the csi stands for Creative Specialties Incorporated, which is Moen’s subsidiary brand for accessories.

    1. Janet says:

      So that’s an “i” and not a “one”. I’m going to go back and order two more before you folks wipe out an entire warehouse.

  5. Kari says:

    Thank you so much for posting this – I’ve bought one for each bathroom at my house & one for my mother’s house too! They are perfect & look great!! I’m slowly changing everything in the house to get rid of all the cheap plastic.

  6. The E says:

    Be aware, the two tube parts DO NOT STAY TOGETHER. They easily come apart to reveal a spring, which also falls out. This is not a defect, but by design. However, this may feel like a defect for those use to the average plastic counterpart, which tube stays completely together. For some, this may not matter. But for others like myself this is a deal breaker because it inherently “feels” broken.

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