1953 Crane kitchen cabinets — 26 photos — complete catalog

catalog of 1953 crane kitchen cabinetsCrane is one of our all-time favorite brands for their beautiful and very desirable bathroom sinks — the Crane Criterion comes immediately to mind, and we’ve seen NOS Crane Marcia’s, too. But back in the day, Crane also made steel kitchen cabinets and porcelain drainboard sinks. This catalog shows their designs from 1953 … Click on through for 26 photos, including closeups, from the complete catalog.eight colors of vintage crane kitchen sinks
As you can see (above), cabinets were white, but the drainboard sinks came in seven lovely pastel colors, along with white.

crane kitchen queen sink

One of the cool things about this catalog is that it gives us cute model names for each of the sink designs. Above: The Kitchen Queen.

1953 kitchenThere also are some illustrated kitchen design renderings to ogle. Remember, in 1953, America was transitioning from a “1940’s” look to a “1950s” look. These kitchens are more ’40s looking – typified by white cabinets, true linoleum floors, deeper (rather than pastel) colors, and deco and streamline touches — which you can clearly see in the kitchen above. The color on the wall, by the way, is a ringer, I’d say, for the Caribbean Coral in Sherwin-Williams’ Suburban Modern Palette.

Relive 1953 kitchens –> To use the slide show, click on the first thumbnail… it will enlarge… move forward or back via the arrows below the image… you can start or stop at any image…

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  1. Mark Bennett says:

    I have All-American Kitchen Sink 5-124-S that I am looking for a replacement faucet. Would ant body be able to help me out with this?
    Thank you for any information you may have!!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi everyone. My wife and I took down an old house from 1890 that according to the old owner hadn’t been lived in since 1970 but was in poor shape then. We found a Crane Line Kitchen Queen in there and saved it. Does anyone know what something like that is worth? It’s got a few small dings here and there but otherwise everything works and we have all the parts but the faucet.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Michael, I don’t do valuations. Also, no buying/selling here in the comments or it becomes chaos.

    2. Terri Whittaker says:

      I have a double bowl Crane Kitchen Queen with drainboards (6 feet long and 350 lbs) and did some research on eBay for approximate value…. interesting results. Not sure of the model of your sink but searching by the name doesn’t always work. The model name is not always available. Search for cast iron sinks. Good luck 🙂

  3. David says:

    I have an old crane Kitchen queen drain board sink. I need main faucet fixtures, but they must be a curved fit to base. Does anyone know where I can find?

  4. Bill says:

    I purchased a complete set of crane kitchen cabinets (upper, lower, double sink, and lazy Susan). I had them sand blasted and re-painted. The sand blaster removed all the drawer slides, wheels, screws, etc. I have a box full of all the parts and don’t know how to put them back together. Does anyone know if there is a diagram on how to assemble the drawer slides?

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