Toilet bolt caps in five 1950s colors, including Venetian Pink, Regency Blue and Ming Green

toilet bolt caps in pastel pink, green, blue, yellow and ivoryYo, a new entry for the Bathrooms/Toilets category — I don’t get to add many of those. The team at DEA Bathroom Machineries — aka deabath.com — continues to amaze me. Not only to they remain the go-to place for for repair and replacement parts for vintage Crane bathroom sinks including angled faucet designs… a great one-stop shop for chrome-plated lavatory legs… and a favorite place for products to clean old bathrooms… but now, they manufactured a large run of ceramic toilet bolt caps or covers in five vintage colors. Lordy, this is retro arcania… (which I very much appreciate, as proud owner of “inexhaustible enthusiasm for the minutiae of home décor“.) The toilet bolts are porcelain with an epoxy coating. They come in three shapes — round, round hex, and oval hex, and in the five following colors (shown left to right, above):  Crane’s Citrus Yellow, Standard’s Ming Green, Standard’s Venetian Pink, Standard’s Regency Blue, and Standard’s Ivorie De Medici. They are $15 each. Link: Ceramic bolt caps in 1950s colors from deabath.com. Disclosure: deabath.com is currently an advertiser – but this story is not part of the deal, or anything.

  1. Joan says:

    So glad I found this thread! I was just discussing our missing pink bolt caps with my husband this morning, and now I have a possible (as this post is 7 years old) source! Thank you!

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