Toilet bolt caps in five 1950s colors, including Venetian Pink, Regency Blue and Ming Green

toilet bolt caps in pastel pink, green, blue, yellow and ivoryYo, a new entry for the Bathrooms/Toilets category — I don’t get to add many of those. The team at DEA Bathroom Machineries — aka deabath.com — continues to amaze me. Not only to they remain the go-to place for for repair and replacement parts for vintage Crane bathroom sinks including angled faucet designs… a great one-stop shop for chrome-plated lavatory legs… and a favorite place for products to clean old bathrooms… but now, they manufactured a large run of ceramic toilet bolt caps or covers in five vintage colors. Lordy, this is retro arcania… (which I very much appreciate, as proud owner of “inexhaustible enthusiasm for the minutiae of home décor“.) The toilet bolts are porcelain with an epoxy coating. They come in three shapes — round, round hex, and oval hex, and in the five following colors (shown left to right, above):  Crane’s Citrus Yellow, Standard’s Ming Green, Standard’s Venetian Pink, Standard’s Regency Blue, and Standard’s Ivorie De Medici. They are $15 each. Link: Ceramic bolt caps in 1950s colors from deabath.com. Disclosure: deabath.com is currently an advertiser – but this story is not part of the deal, or anything.

  1. Landy Kaschel says:

    Pam, thanks for the speedy reply. I have been checking Craigs list for at least 3 weeks and I have not seen this listing. I found one in Conn. that the ad is now expired and I am still waiting to make arrangements to see it, but the ladies mom is in bad health and she has not been able to meet me to show me the toilet. Do you know the listing number, or the date that the ad ran on the one that we were speaking of?


  2. Tyler Martin says:

    I really wish someone would make the entire toilets in these vintage colors. I have a beautiful green bathroom but the toilet is cracked and the sink appears to be deteriorating a bit. The green tub however looks like new. I fear the day the fixtures can go on no longer. Does anyone know anywhere that makes colorful toilets. Especially green ones! D=

  3. pam kueber says:

    deabath.com, craigslist, Re-Store / salvage places, and your neighbor’s houses. See my category Bathrooms/Toilets for lots o discussions about this topic…

  4. Clair Rollins says:

    We have a 1950s Ming green American Standard toilet and we need to know where to get parts for it. We recently built a house and have the matching bathroom sink(both for free from a friend) along with a 1950s pink one that was never even out of the box and still had the sticker about being acid proof on it ($36 at a handy man store), as well as a 1950s pink kitchen sink ($16 at a garage sale) and a 1950s blue bathroom sink ($10 at Habitat for Humanity). We are wanting to keep with the vintage as it’s such a great look. Please let me know what you can. Thank you. Clair

  5. pam kueber says:

    See the FAQs/Bathroom for various stories. First places I’d start: Deabath.com and Locke Plumbing. Good luck!

  6. Joan says:

    So glad I found this thread! I was just discussing our missing pink bolt caps with my husband this morning, and now I have a possible (as this post is 7 years old) source! Thank you!

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