Vintage wallpaper switchplates & lampshades

vintage wallpaper switchplateYou have no idea how hard it was choosing an image for this story — because pretty much every one of the hundreds of vintage wallpaper switchplates made by Fondue Vintage, an etsy seller, is cuter than the next. Ultimately: Calico Coffee won out, because *coffee person.* If you are kind of *afraid* of a whole room of wallpaper, or don’t have the time or money or inclination — but still want a little bit of the look, these switchplates may be just what you need: A cheap and cheerful dose of pattern and color from real-deal, good-karma vintage wallpaper. Single switchplates are $12, there are also doubles, triples and even switches for those modern square Leviton thingies. Wallpaper lampshades, too. Disclosure: Fondue recently came on as an advertiser, that’s how I found them, but this story is not part of the deal or anything. Me just like.

  1. Janet says:

    My two switchplates came yesterday. They are so cute! It took me a long time to pick out just which two wallpapers I wanted as there were so many great choices! It a great little retro touch.

  2. tammyCA says:

    Fab! I love the fun graphics of the vintage wallpaper. I’ve always loved really great wallpaper, but sadly it’s all but disappeared and the styles & prices haven’t been to my liking. This reminds me..years ago in another house I decoupaged all my light switches with colorful gift wrap paper (and kitchen cabinet knobs, too)…it added personality to the utilitarian.

  3. Mark says:

    Major flash back!
    That is the wallpaper (calico coffee) my mom had in the kitchen when I was growing up!

  4. I saw these prior to today’s post and just fell in love. We are so lucky that Fondue Vintage has this fabulous stash of old wall paper to use. It’s a perfect focal point and delightful use of a limited vintage resource!

  5. Lynn-O-Matic says:

    I noticed the link right away when they first started advertising, and I love their shop. Their stuff is stunning!

  6. hannah says:

    I haven’t followed the link yet, but I will! This is a great find because I’m gonna needs some accents in the kitchen. Can’t wait to see their choices. Thanks, Pam!

  7. Desirae says:

    I love my switchplates! When I moved into this apartment three years ago, my old fondue plates didn’t work in the new place. So, I bought more – one for almost every room. : )

  8. Leslie says:

    I love these, so much in fact that I’ve considered changing out my switch plates! I have the larger rectangle style, and the wallpaper selection is better for the smaller light switches. I’m particularly drawn to the kitchen looking one, it’s turquoise with the cute chef.

  9. Nancy says:

    I don’t know how you decided on the switch for your article??? They are all WONDERFUL & I want every one!! Really great & look very well done! I will spend the rest of the day thinking about these!

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