Farmhouse sinks — two sources for authentic early-1900s reproductions

farmhouse sink cast iron authentic reproduction 42"

farmhouse kitchen sink for a retro kitchen
Laura made a skirt for her Sandford sink

Reader Laura gets major snaps for finding the 42″ Sandford farmhouse kitchen sink, above, which she used in her adorable retro kitchen renovation. If you are doing a bungalow kitchen, or a Victorian kitchen, or a charming Farmhouse kitchen with any degree of retro / vintage twist — this sink would be great. You gotta LOVE the drainboard on the left — so useful.  Other great details: It’s 42″ — a great size to pair with a 42″ vintage stove (repetition of sizes is good in design)…. It’s porcelain-enamel on cast iron — just like the originals… You’re going to use a wall-mount faucet, 8″ spread, like the ones here. Note, 7″ deep bowl is going to get splashy, a good excuse to wear a spiffy vintage apron. Where to buy: $827 with free shipping — Buy it exclusively at Signature Hardware, it’s made just for them, their website says.

There’s only one more sink like this available today (that I know of) — read on –>

farmhouse kitchen sink authentic reproductionThere is also a second, bigger choice for a classic, wall-hung, drainboard kitchen farmhouse sink: The Clarion sink, manufactured by Strom Plumbing. This design is a full 5′ wide, and because of its size and those legs, I would say that this goes in a Victorian kitchen or a vintage-retro kitchen that’s not trying to be “authentic” to any particular era. Bungalow? Maybe, but I think it would be pretty big for most bungalow kitchens – and I don’t *see* the legs in a bungalow, although the sink top design in general, yes. The Clarion includes two drainboards — one to the right, one to the left… a much higher backsplash… comes with two legs… and the sink is deeper, just over 9″. Like the Sandford, it also is “real deal” porcelain enamel over cast iron. It weighs almost 500 lbs, and is about $1550, with free shipping.

Where to buy the Clarion: There seems to be one major supplier, Vintage Tub & Bath, and if you go to them via this link on Amazon — Strom Plumbing Clarion Farmhouse Drainboard Sink P0814 White — I get a spiff. Hey, every little bit for the blog helps.

vintage kohler farmhouse sinkDo you want to see some vintage kitchen sink inspiration? See this story with 16 photos of vintage Kohler kitchen sinks — awesome images provided direct to me from the great folks at Kohler.

  1. Deborah says:

    I was fortunate last summer to find a 1947 drainboard sink @ our local antique shop. My sink’s drainboard is on the right and fits perfectly under the window to my backyard. It’s simply beautiful in my new retro kitchen along with another great find, a Hoosier cabinet complete with flour bin and doughboard.
    Also the same week I found a 1923 clawfoot tub for my new retro bathroom.

  2. Brenda says:

    I am restoring an old two bowl farmhouse sink. The left bowl is deep and circular while the one on the right is square and more shallow. It almost seems like it might have been made to have some sort of insert? Anyone have any info on this style?

  3. Edward Howe says:

    I have a circa 1900 farmhouse wall mounted sideboard sink with adjustable legs
    Were would I go to sell this?

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