eight wall mount kitchen faucetsIf you have a bungalow kitchen, a farmhouse kitchen, a cottage kitchen — or just like the look — a wall-mount kitchen faucet may be for you. For sure, these say “old-fashioned Aunty Em homey”, don’t they? I am certain there are lots of brands out there, but if I were looking, the first place I would turn to is these eight vintage style kitchen faucets from Strom Plumbing / Sign of the Crab.

Now, Strom is a wholesale company — so you cannot buy directly from them. But, I love that they have their entire wholesale catalog online — so that you don’t have to hunt and peck all over the goshdarned internet to try and scope everything that is out there until you want to scream. If you do want one of the eight wall-mount kitchen faucets above, you will indeed have to find a retailer. QUICK TIP: Type the “model number” and the word “faucet”  into google to see all the places selling it online… For example, I typed “P0830C faucet” into google… turns out this faucet with the pot-filler spot is called the “Madeira” model, and prices seem to run from $392 to $600 — a big spread.

I know many readers will balk at even $392. Yes, that’s a lot. But I will say: My beloved Mississippi bathroom faucets also are from Strom, and while I cannot vouch for the kitchen faucets shown above from personal experience, my Mississippi lavs feel very heavy, high-quality and just wonderful to the touch. For something I use every day, many times, they seem so far to have been well worth the investment. There are likely other ways to compare quality… beyond my knowledge, sorry.

Installing on the cast iron backsplash of a cast iron sink:

In Sept. 2016, reader Thea commented:

I’m installing my grandparents’ cast iron sink in our laundry room. Unfortunately, the plumber says there is a problem with the Signature Hardware wall mount faucet I chose because it wasn’t designed for the thickness of the cast iron backsplash. It is a standard faucet like the ones shown in this article…. Signature Hardware disagrees, saying extensions can be obtained from a hardware store…. Any insight to install? Thanks.

I do not know the answer this — but I’d start with deabath.com. I bet they could help you solve this problem.

Link:  Strom Plumbing / Sign of the Crab. You can see these via the Catalog tab.


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