21 dogs in handmade dog sweaters — Cute, cuter, cutest from etsy.com

dog sweaterNosing around etsy looking for holiday gifts, I bumped into all these adorable photos of adorable dogs in adorable handmade sweaters. 21 dogs in sweaters on Retro Renovation, you might ask? Heck, yeah, they belong here because first of all, retro dogs are a regular category considering I have a dog named Astro, after the Jetson’s pup. Above: Melody’s pretty pup shows off her handmade dog sweater, $30 from 44softpawz. Yes, can you believe it, 20 more adorable dogs in adorable sweaters — cute, cuter, cutest all the way to the end — click on through what are you waiting for!  –> 

pug in a dog sweaterSecond, we often talk about vintage and upcycling, and I made Astro a sweater last year, out of recycled wool. Above: Cute overload in a handmade knit sweater and matching cap, $36 from thedoggiemarket. Owner Robin says, “That cute pug by the way is my baby, Buford. He’s a very good sport and gets lots of carrots as treats for modeling.”

granny square afghan sweater for a dogThird, because I’ve been writing about handmade gifts from etsy to buy for the holidays. Doesn’t woofie deserve a little something, too? Above: More orange luv, and in granny squares, too. <3. Handmade dog sweater from HepsibabaBowWow, $54.

handmade dog sweaterFourth, some days I just want to write about cute doggies like other “normal” bloggers. Can you blame me? Above, wise leprechuan in a handmade dog sweater, $52 from HepsibabaBowWow.

70s style dog sweaterMary of HepzibabaBowWow says these chevron patterns are an homage to the 70s. You know I like that. Dog sweater from HepzibabaBowwow, $49.

granny square dog sweaterThe “manly granny” dog sweater by HepsibabaBowWow, $52.

dog sweaterJewel tones for sure look good on the pup, she’s a “winter”. $49 from HepsibabaBowWow.

dog sweaterDoes this sweater make my ears look big? Crocheted dog sweater from HepsibabaBowWow, $45.

chihauhua in pink shrugEvie models a pink dog shrug, $15 from Lukesmom6.

handmade dog sweater evie the chihuahuaEvie in a crocheted sweater, $25 from Lukesmom6.

doggay sweaterEileen’s doggay sweaters are crocheted in gay pride colors. Dog sweater $30 from TepperWear.

knitted dog sweaterAmailo makes knitted dog sweaters, this one is $33. I love this mustard color, but I don’t think it’s Astro’s color. He also is a winter.

pug in a sweaterBuford looking dapper. Dog sweater is $36 from thedoggiemarket.

pattern to knit dog sweaterAmailo also is selling patterns to knit dog sweaters, this one is $5.50.

dog backpack Ack! A dog backpack. Cutest. Pattern for a knitted dog backpack is $5.50 from amailo.

dog sweater patternOzarknomad also sells patterns. $4.50 for the dog sweater crochet pattern above.

crochet dog sweaterAnd $5 for the dog sweater pattern above, also from ozarknomad.

dog scarfYou can get a handmade knitted shawl, too. $15 from amailo.

dog cowl converted to capThe shawl, or cowl, can be quickly converted to a cap. $18, amailo.

Does anyone try to put big dogs in sweaters? The cutie above is from asyoulikeitcrafts, £10.00 GBP

bandana for a dogHo ho ho, Merry Christmas from Buford. Bandana is $18 from thedoggiemarket.

All photos used here with sellers’ permission. See my etsy treasury list (holds 16) here. Thank you, and good luck with holiday sales 2011!

  1. John says:

    My dog didn’t like to get dressed until I ordered a custom sized sweater for him. I guess he always felt uncomfortable because somehow I was never been able to find a sweater that really fits him. There is a company that will make a sweater just for your dog, you just have to send them measurements, and pay of course. The company is called My Dog Sweater and the website is http://mydogsweater.com

  2. JKaye says:

    Can’t help but smile when you look at these photos. It’s impressive how so many people are knitting and crocheting nowadays, and have found this new niche for their handiwork.

  3. Birgitte says:

    How adorable!! Why don’t they make sweaters for cats. Oh yeah, they would react like the beagle mentioned above. Never mind.

  4. Diana of Mt. Lebanon says:

    Very adorable, but where are the photos of the medium/large dogs? They are CUTE too and especially when shown in knitted sweaters :-).


  5. wendy says:

    Too cute! Unfortunately my beagle will have NOTHING to do with clothes of any type. I bought her a fleece coat, but when I put it on she absolutely would not move. It was as if her paws were superglued to the ground. I tried a lighter t-shirt fabric style, but again: would. not. move. Darned stubborn beagle!

    1. Diana of Mt. Lebanon says:

      Wendy, I have the same problem with my dog Boo. She refuses to move when I put any clothing on her. I ended up buying her festive collars, one for each season and for each holiday. I figure that is the only way to “dress” her up and she has always worn a collar so she doesn’t mind it at all. I would bet that there are etsy artisans who make festive dog collars!


  6. Jenny says:

    Ha! These pictures are cracking me up! Sooooo cute! That pug in the Christmas bandana – the look is priceless! I also love the little backpack on the Jack Russell. I have a “sister” (as my Dad says) that’s a Jack Russell and I think she might need a backpack. I have cats, though, and they wouldn’t think of letting me dress them in sweaters. That would turn into a bloody battle, I fear.

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