Jon & Trixi create a 1970s avocado kitchen with Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations

Avocado kitchenjon and trixiJon and Trixi — we’ve seen portions of their project under way — have finished remodeling their kitchen, and are mostly done with the bathrooms. And in a twist that I am sure the folks at Rust-Oleum were not anticipating, the epicenter of their “Retro Renovation story” is that they freshened up their kitchen cabinets by painting them warm brown on the top — and avocado on the bottom — using Rust-Oleum’s Cabinet Transformations kit. No, avocado ain’t a stock color in the Rust-O kit — Jon is intrepid, and had it custom-tinted avocado at his local store. Jon wants me to emphasize that all of the work they did throughout the house cost less than $2,000 — because they (1) used their existing, functionally sound cabinets (2) uncovered the vintage countertop and floor (3) hunted down salvage and vintage fixtures and furniture and (4) did the work themselves. I luv it! Click on through for their compete story along with 21 photos live from the scene. Photos by Glenn Suckow and Trixi Hunt — many thanks!

The “before” kitchen — original countertops were covered with stone tiles… original floor was covered with another layer of vinyl… cabinets were brown

Jon writes:

Dear Pam:

This here is a folder full o’ photos of our house — kitchen (before and after), living room (before and after), bathroom (before and after) as well as our office, bedroom and exterior — including our next project, the rec room in the basement!

The one thing I’d love to stress if you write about us is that we did this ENTIRE THING — I’m taking furniture, paint, accessories, etc –for UNDER TWO GRAND. Almost every single item is from a thrift store or a salvage yard or a Reuse Center. The hard work, of course, came from me and Trixi!

Some notes, room by room:

avocado kitchen

[Pam adds: Jon says this 1966 St. Charles kitchen featured on the blog in 2008 was their inspiration. Great job!]

chromcraft dinette 1960s

avocado kitchen floor

Trixi says it *only* took 15 hours to install the vintage sink with hudee. Not kidding.

KITCHEN: In these photos, you can finally see the finished cabinets, using the Cabinet Transformation Kits from Rustoleum. You can also finally get a good look at the dining area, with our 1967 Chromcraft dining set which we LOVE. There’s also a great shot of the “corner o’ chrome” — our cool Lincoln Beautyware canisters and paper towel dispenser, plus the NuTone food center and cutting board.

pink bathroom

Trixi says: Greige walls get a bit of a retro-redo. I could only get 5 yards of the paper (vintage from Etsy), so we had to be creative with how we used it. I looked through a TON of 60’s interior pictures, and got the ‘framing’ idea from there. Also- we have NEVER wallpapered before, so please be forgiving on closer inspection. Because the paper is vintage, we had to make paste. Add that to Jon’s list of talents!

BATHROOM: The countertop is a reclaimed counter from the Reuse Center with gold fleck formica which we cut to fit. The sink is from a salvage yard. The American Standard peach toilet (which matches the tub exactly!!) is from Reuse Center, we got it free to take it off their hands. The floor I put in myself, just some cool hex tile from Menards. [Pam corrects: That’s call octagon-and-dot — super affordable and available at most of the big boxes.] The wall has groovy stencils done by Trixi which match the atomic design on our light bar. The curtains are vintage, from Etsy. The wallpaper is also vintage, from Etsy. Still to be done: tiles in the tub area.

preway fireplaceadrian pearsall LIVING ROOM: Our pride and joy is the vintage Preway cone fireplace, which we haven’t yet hooked up but which we HOPE will eventually work. You can see, in the general shot, our cool surfboard-shaped coffee table. The chair in the one shot is a Jens Risom from 1968, we got it for FOUR DOLLARS from a thrift store. The end table is Adrian Pearsall, and IT TOO was under ten bucks. The only non-vintage stuff in there are the armoire (which is Baker — Trixi used to work for ’em) and the couch, which is a Daffa.

yellow chairOFFICE, BEDROOM: The office is just the one shot of the main office area, with our vintage stuff, and another of a weird 70s vinyl chair that sits on the other side of it. There’s also a shot of our bedroom, which has the curtains Trixi made with vintage fabric from Etsy.

barrel furnitureBASEMENT: This is our next project! We’ve got a full set of JC Penney whiskey barrel furniture from the late 60s and that cool vintage fake fireplace, plus the Shag prints on the wall. We still have to wallpaper and paint down there — it’s a-coming.

pink houserock gardenOUTSIDE: A couple good shots of our house (PINK AND BLUE!) plus our DIY rock and flower garden. All the materials in the garden were salvaged from various sites in the Twin Cities — we have bricks and such from demolition sites that used to be cobblestones. Even the rocks are vintage — Trixi’s folks got them from the Mississippi
riverbank in the 1960s.

So there you have it! THANK YOU — of course we couldn’t have done it without you!

Jon & Trixi — yay on you! Just yay! I wish I were closer, I’d for sure be over the mix you up some Margarita celebration. And, Jon, thank you so so much for all the sharing you’ve done as you’ve worked on your house. A bundle of stories from last year were all due to you:

Finally, a Precautionary Pam reminder: Be sure to consult with licensed professionals before you start ripping old stuff out; there can be vintage nastiness like lead and asbestos in materials and layers of old houses.

  1. Sarah says:

    For the green cabinets you had the paint custom tinted- the rust-oleum kit, correct? Can you have that done at any hardware store or do you have to “know a guy” lol. I really want to use the rust-oleum kit but I don’t really like any of the colors. Did you buy the light or dark kit to go green? I’m wanting to do a darker earthy green.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I love the color pink with the limestone. A Friend and her Husband bought a house from the 50’s to 70’s Era they haven’t tracked it yet and it had the same color on it and I loved it with that limestone.

  3. Sue Shea says:

    I have the same 70’s yellow molded chair with vinyl on it. Mine has the date 1973 and 1 of 1200 something. Do you know anything about the chair. Does yours have a makers mark on it?

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