Bathroom faucets with vintage style from California Faucets

retro bathroom faucetThanks to reader Joan, who emailed me with this tip about another source for classic retro / vintage style bathroom faucets: California Faucets.

There are lots of matching tub faucets, shower heads, etc. Matchy matchy is nice!

retro bathroom faucetThese faucets seem to have a lot in common with the Mississippi faucet series by Sign of the Crab/ Strom Plumbing and with similar Metropolitan series by Elemenfs of Design. I have the Mississippi in two of my bathrooms — and I love them.

vintage style faucetThese California faucets offer another alternative — and they do have different choices… with lots of different possible finishes and handles that you can mix and match. For example, if I had a glamorous 1960s bathroom, I might well go for the “Catalina,” above. So pretty — like a tall, graceful swan.

And am I going nuts? I even like the “Manhattan,” above, if I had a 1980s bathroom to update.

These faucets are pretty high-end, that is: pricey. But Joan says that she has heard they have a good reputation. California Faucets does not sell their products direct; you need to go through a retailer. Their website has a good dealer locator / where to buy feature. Honestly, with something this expensive, I think it is advisable to see and touch — and to ensure you have recourse if there are any problems. That said: Many online businesses also have great service, including return policies. Bottom line: Check first.


Thank you, Joan, for this great tip!

  1. Joy says:


    Just was googling and found here a picture of a sink with a square sprayer. I prefer it over the typical sprayer that comes with newer faucets and have it hooked up to the new faucet that I installed. It’s a total conversation piece, my friends have never seen anything like it and it makes cleaning the sink or washing just my unruly bangs a breeze! 🙂

    I did keep my old faucet parts so I will give Kohler a call, but I’m afriad budget constraints will leave me stuck with my ugly replacement for awhile.

  2. Rebecca Prichard says:

    My bathroom guy in Ann Arbor who has been in the biz since the 70’s is recommending California Faucets, and so is his plumber. I’ll let you know if I use it. I think I will.

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