10 NOS Tub-Master accordian-door shower doors — for a vintage travel trailer or home

tub master folding shower doorDustin of the 170 New Old Stock (NOS) plastic wall panels in mind-bending colors mentioned that he also has 10 NOS accordian door shower doors available for sale. Of course, I asked for pictures, pretty please.

UPDATE: We also found a story that sells accordian shower doors made new here.

vintage folding shower doorHere is one assembled. I like the yellow rails.

Close up.

Still in their original boxes…–> Readers interested in buying any of these doors: Please contact Dustin at sitdropspeak@gmail.com.

accordian shower doorFor reference, I first saw and featured one of these in 2008. Above is the accordian shower door in Carrie’s bathroom. See her adorable Cinderella ranch house here

We also saw one of these accordian shower doors in a time capsule house that Mary Deluxe toured.

Dustin says that he remembers installing a door like this in his parent’s Winnebago. Indeed, this style of door would seem great for a vintage travel trailer because it is so lightweight.

Like everything else in midcentury America, it seems there was a goodly amount of innovation going on when it came to shower doors:

  1. Marilyn Ripley says:

    I have 1977(?) airstream that needs a new accordion door in the bathroom . It measures approx 70″ tall and 34 inches wide. It has a magnetic closure. Can you help me find a replacement?

  2. Josie says:

    We have our tub master down, cleaned and ready to install. It is all back together except the top rail and how the heck do we get it back in and installed?????

  3. Ray Springett says:

    I have a shower cubicle with a Tub Master 4 section folding door measuring 730 wide x 1700 high, I have changed the panels and fitted light blue tinted ones to the 3 sides, do you have anything that would match or know where i could get one.
    Yours hopefully

    1. pam kueber says:

      Ray, we do not sell anything here. We write about companies and folks who have hard-to-find items. You need to contact the companies profiled in the stories. Look for the links in bold blue.

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