Liquid wax designed to mimic Jubilee kitchen wax — from Vermont Country Store

kitchen wax like jubilee

UPDATE: Jubilee is back — read our story here.

Is everyone signed up for the Vermont Country Store catalog? As regular readers will know, Vermont Country Store is a wonderful source for lots of old-timey, retro resources… lots of brands from the way back time machine that Vermont Country Store has dug up and revived. My spring issue arrived in the snail mail last week … which prompted me to poke around the website to see if I could figure out what was “new”. How about this: Old-Fashioned Kitchen wax sourced to help replicate Jubilee wax. Their website explains:

We’ve been inundated with requests for a kitchen wax that works just like Jubilee, the beloved liquid wax that vanished from supermarket shelves years ago. After lots of testing, we finally found one that will bring the shine you remember back to your kitchen. Great for cabinets, countertops and appliances. 16 oz bottle.

  • Vanquishes everything from grease and grime to fingerprints and food stains
  • Leaves behind a protective layer, making cleaning easier in the future
  • Nonabrasive wax formula will not scratch
  • Cleans, shines and protects kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures and surfaces
  • Do not use on floors or in bathtubs. Do not ingest – Keep out of reach of children.
I am not an expert on where the heck you’re supposed to use kitchen wax. I know that our grandmothers and mothers used was prolifically in their vintage homes. For sure (I *think*) on true linoleum floors. Also on wood floors before there was polyurethane — and I’ve heard that waxed wood floors have a different, maybe even more beautiful luster.

Any experience on where we can really use liquid wax like this in vintage homes, readers?

Note, Grace Jeffers says do not use wax on laminate.


  1. Jen says:

    Oh, cool! I think we’ll have to order a bottle or two for our kitchen cabinets. Good to know it doesn’t work on laminate.

    Curious about other uses for it myself, though. To be honest, I make the majority of my cleaning supplies…I”m a big fan of multi-taskers.

  2. Chutti says:

    Wow- Jubilee! I vividly remember chore time with a bottle of Jubilee growing up. I was just thinking about it, as there was a vintage commercial for it on Roku’s Pub-D-Hub channel.

    I dunno if anyone else is as addicted to the old commercials, TV shows and educational shorts there as we are, but it’s a gas.

    Going to get some Jubilee substitute for my pink bathroom right away.
    Thanks for the tip!

    1. nina462 says:

      Chutti – I, too, am addicted to old time programs (radio & tv). I’m very lucky in my job, that I can listen to the radio/internet all day long while working – I have several favorite websites with old time radio programs. I’ve always thought there must be more people like me 🙂

  3. midmichigan says:

    I’m with lynda on the Gel-Gloss. It works fantastic! Very close to Jubilee but better results, IMO. Pics of “before” and “after” of some of the items I’ve used this on would be jaw dropping. It even works on stainless steel. Not very expensive (5 or 6 bucks), takes very little elbow grease to use and no smell on top of that.

  4. CindyD says:

    I miss Jubilee! I used to use it on my sinks – it prevents water spots so your sinks stays nice and shiny longer. They’re right about the bathtubs, though – makes them too slippery, though I have used it on the sides of the tub, but never in the bottom! Thanks for sharing the substitute. Hope it’s just as good.

  5. Morag says:

    It’s not for floors at all. Do not use it on floors.

    It’s great for counters, painted, wood, or steel cabinets and appliances. It may seem strange to wax a refrigerator, vintage or contemporary, but it makes it much easier to keep clean and wipe fingerprints/smudges.

    1. adarc says:

      My mom always used it on her unsealed wood floors. The wax from the jubilee was the only thing that protected them from 7 kids running through the house.

  6. amy pie says:

    Finally! I have been jonesing for my Jubilee for years! One word: Leather! Use it to clean leather. My sister bought a full length vintage pink leather coat in the early 80’s and it was filthy gray, you could barely tell it was supposed to be pink but she only paid $5 for it so she figured if she couldn’t clean it no biggie. Some girl we knew from the bar we hung out in told her to use jubilee and a little elbow grease. The coat looked (and still looks) amazing. Completely clean and and restored to like new condition. After that we used it on any leather clothes and shoes and upholstery and on the vinyl/faux leather too. I used to use it on my appliances back when I had the ambition to clean my house on a regular basis, lol. I am ordering my now 🙂

  7. CC in Virginia says:

    Please take note from an old fogy (me!) – Do not use this wax on floors or bathtubs as there is a very real danger of slipping, falling and maybe breaking bones. Works wonderfully, however, on toasters, coffee makers, range hoods, refrigerator, kitchen sink, etc.

  8. Molly says:

    I really could have used this a couple years ago. I had some sort of vinyl-ish laminate counter-top in a rental that needed a wax coat every now and then (otherwise it tended to absorb spilled liquids that husbands don’t wipe up). It was an original marbled red with chrome edger. I loved that kitchen. Hopefully I can recreate something just as loveable in my new kitchen!

  9. Dee says:

    Hi — in process of buying a cute 1954 ranch with the colonial wood cabinets and black iron hardware. Would love to use this wax on them to shine them up.

    Can anyone tell me about the scent/odor of the product and if it lingers? I have asthma and have problems with many chemicals with strong odors.

    Thank you!

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