Retro London design love: 11 vintage style wallpapers from Graham and Brown

Update: Now discontinued, but I’ll leave this up for historical purposes. Maybe Graham & Brown has some leftover stock for you? Or, check their site and they may have some new retro designs that tickle your fancy.

Golly, have you heard they are having Olympics in London? Or, as they say, are you living on another planet now? Just before the big games started, I received an email from the nice PR team at Graham & Brown with several new Londoninum paint and wallpaper designs launched in synch with the Olympics and with the recent Jubilee. And wouldn’t you know: They are retro retro and more retro! Of course, I am so about the wallpaper. So, the email inspired me to dig a little deeper in Graham & Brown’s wallpaper lineup, and yes, there are a bundle more vintage-style wallpaper designs in their collection to love. Note: These are available in the U.S., too!

There are two wallpapers in the Londonium collection, and the company explains their design concept:

Capturing the excitement of this dynamic city, the Londinium design features an illustrative cityscape of London’s best-known architectural landmarks, showcasing its vibrancy and ocular magnificence. [The first two images, above]: Jubilee, which Graham & Brown describes as, “Elegant 1950s British fashion with a modern, light twist.”

Londinium Wallpaper – An exquisite graphic design of the eternal city

Next up, I found five wallpapers from their Hemingway Vintage Collection that were just wonderful:

Deco Diamond: Enamel Green– Inspired by the 1930’s glamour, this art-deco pattern takes its cue from the decade’s emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware.>

Loopy Lines: Rock-A-Billy Blue – Free-flowing and fancy free inspired by the 60’s  modernist movement.

Do the Stretch: Mean Mustard Cult – Embracing the 70’s decade of space odyssey, comes “Do the Stretch,”  with a bold design and groovy colors.

Grid: Rock in Mink – Combines 1950’s graphic print influences with a watercolor palette of soft gray, coral and buttermilk in a fun retro print that was inspired by the classic British caff table tops of the era.

Duchessa: Pink & Yellow – Elegant floral trail, contrasts matt florals and metallic highlights with contemporary colors, for a stylish sophisticated look.

Next, two fun designs from the Contour Collection…

Housewives – This playful design captures the glamour of the 1950’s and pays homage to the fashion of the time, featuring hand drawn ladies.

Making a Crockery – Stunning metallic highlights and lustrous pattern infils from days gone by create a modern statement wallpaper.

And two more finds, from two different collections:

Trippy: Orange – Seventies inspired wallpaper from the Superfresco Easy Collection.

And, Perle – A delicate mini-geometric design from the Superfresco Easy Collection, Inference

See all the Graham and Brown wallpapers here.

  1. Cecilia says:

    These are great designs of wall paper, but why is it made so difficult to purchase them. Does anyone know how I can find/purchase the Rock and Milk design. Its just not enough to sigh and gasp about the look.

  2. Jenny A. says:

    Gotta find a place to put some wallpaper. I really like all of these even though they’re very different from one another. “Do the Stretch” and “Trippy” would look good in my house somewhere. Hmmm…

  3. Daniel says:

    Ya know, I really like the “Deco Diamond”, “Trippy”, and “Do The Stretch”. I think that if I were to use wallpaper, I’d probably use it as an accent; for example, I’d use it on the flat sheetrock area above the kitchen cabinets. Actually, whenever I get my own place, I think I may use some of the wallpaper (that I mentioned that I really liked)!

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