Vintage round step stool, New Old Stock, by Senior


We see a lot of vintage Cosco step stools in our travels, and we sure do love them. But golly, this round metal step stool by Senior sure is a scene-stealer and makes our woddity list. This circular three-story design not only is new to Pam and me, but this pretty yellow-and-black example also is new — as in new old stock.

Ebay seller— who was kind enough to allow us to feature his photos — had to open the original box and assemble this stool to photograph it for his listing.


From the listing:

From a local estate, here is a new, never used “Senior” metal step stool. We opened the box for the first time so we could assemble and photograph it, it has never been used. It stands nearly 2-feet tall, 10″ across the top and 23″ acroos at the feet. Awesome pastel yellow color with black legs and steel hardware – we did not attach the hardware for the photographs. Since it has been rattling around for 5+ decades, there are some spots of paint loss on the legs (I’m sure we added some just taking it out of the box). Mint condition, unused, as nice as they come, could be used as designed or would make a great plant stand or end table. Classic mid-century design, hope you can use it.

The auction is here:



The yellow color of this stool — set off by the black legs — is fabulous. And, the design seems very useful for doing any kind of chore, from painting a wall to reaching the back of a high cupboard. Since there are steps all the way around it, you could park this guy in one spot and climb any of the four “sides” while washing windows or hanging holiday garland.

Note that the box says it also came in Turquoise, Rose and Pink. Wow, I would love to see them all.


Those grippy non-skid treads — which are not a standard feature on vintage step stools — are a great detail too.


Has anyone ever seen — or used — a vintage step stool like this before?

  1. tammyCA says:

    What a beauty! I’ve never seen one like it either. I bought a reproduction of the red Cosco chair step stool several years ago…I love it, but I sure love this little yellow one, but darn, can’t justify getting another.

  2. Carole says:

    That is wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like it. I wouldn’t have anywhere at all to store it, but what a conversation piece.

  3. Jamie davis says:

    I have one of these in a lovely turquoise. My amazing dad, knowing I love all things vintage, rescued it from a heap of metal at a scrap yard for me. It is not only super cute, but pretty useful and very stable when I climb it to get things on the top shelf.

  4. Laurie V says:

    I love that stool. I’m afraid I would end up killing myself trying to use it, but who cares as long as the stool is cool to look at.

  5. Marta says:

    I love Cosco stools, and by extension, all made-to-be-really-used stools. Jamie, maybe Pam would let us see a pick of your turquoise senior?

    I’d rescued an indestructible 30’s Cosco from a relative’s house clearance that just wanted a good clean and new vinyl, and came home one day to find the DH had put it out for town pick-up and it was gone. Ones in similar shape to it are selling for over $100 now.

  6. Janet in CT says:

    I really think it might be made by Cosco. Maybe the “SENIOR” on the box just refers to the fact that it is made for seniors as a safe alternative to step stools that might be harder to move? I love the color choices and found it so interesting that they made pink AND rose! I would love any one of those colors! Marta, sounds just like something my husband would do! He can save stuff out of fifty year old antique trucks, but heaven forbid if I pick up something old that I like! Then it is junk for the trash!

  7. Anna Best says:

    The seller could have gotten a lot more for that puppy if they’d have extended the auction through the time it appeared on this site! I’d have paid more that $99 for that beauty.

  8. Adam Coleman says:

    Great looking stool. I have come across many vintage metal stools in my hunts. This particular stool would fit in quite a few design styles. It has a great look, I am not too keen on the color though.

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