Woddity watch: Vintage porcelain worktable with sink

vintage-porcelain-work-table-sinkHave you ever seen a sink like this? This vintage porcelain worktable with sink that Pam found on Ebay just might take the cake for most unusual sink ever. Was this specialty sink used as a tool of the trade? Maybe it was standard issue in a butcher shop, photography lab or a dentist office as suggested by seller theatreantiques — who was kind enough to allow us to feature this wonderful oddity of a sink.


From the listing:

vintage-work-table-sinkOffering today is this antique-vintage porcelain work table with small sink in center of table. Not sure what this was used for, maybe a dentist spit sink? Porcelain has some age wear to it, but overall in great condition. The sink sits off center on pedestal. The sink measures 33 x 18.5 x 3.5 and pedestal is 27 inches tall. This is a heavy set, pick up would be advised!

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 Readers — what do you think is the purpose of this sink?

  1. medtech says:

    I work In a medical laboratory. This sink is for disection of small body parts like ruptured appendix or cancerous uterus.

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