Kitchen island genius idea: Upcycle a vintage metal table top as a counter

vintage metal table top

Here is a genius idea from reader Robin, which I spotted over on our Facebook page: She had a standing kitchen island with a tile top that she didn’t much care for. She spotted a vintage metal table with an appealing metal table top… disassembled it from the legs… and put it onto the kitchen island. How easy!  I see these vintage metal tables now and again — often very cheap — often very very charming — and they are a really nice, workable size — but I don’t have much use for another 29″ high table. But as a standing work space? Heck yeah. In fact, now I am going to keep an eye out for a metal table/tabletop that I can use as a counter top in my continuing-to-evolve office / crafting room. Very ingenius, Robin — thank you for sharing!

Robin said:

This small island came with the house and had small seashell designed tiles. (We are nowhere near the beach). So I found this table, with legs in sorry condition, on Craig’s List. Now I don’t mind putting food on it, as it is a snap to clean versus the grouted tile.

kitchen island using vintage metal table top

  1. Bret says:

    This is a great idea. I have been thinking of doing the same thing in an island since enamel is so durable and easy to clean. I also am considering looking into having full countertops being made from enamel/metal as I am doing a full kitchen re-building project. I haven’t found a source for this yet, however. Does anyone out there know of one?

  2. Mary Ann says:

    We have a metal-top kitchen table that my step mother-in-law gave us. She either found it as-is or had the legs cut in half (I can’t remember) to turn it into a COFFEE TABLE! It is fabulous as such! It looks beautiful, has great vintage charm, and no one has to worry about rings on the table or spilling anything. When we have friends over, we can use it as the kids table with the kids sitting on the floor. Clean-up is easy and simple.

  3. Janet in CT says:

    I got a damaged formica top from a dresser at work and put it on top of a discarded elaborate black wrought iron treadle sewing machine base and it makes a wonderful TV stand, but is a pain to dust! I save everything and find a use for alot of things most people throw out! My husband is just as bad/good at re-using discarded “junk”. Love the “new” work table!

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