Making your own furniture? Use laminate instead of wood veneer — examples from the new Formica 100th anniversary collection

orange-halftone-formica-used-on-retro-tableFormica-Anniversary-Collection-Chips-HalftoneDo you make your own furniture? Or do you need to refinish old furniture to replace the veneer? Here’s an idea — use kitchen counter top laminate — instead of regular wood veneers — to create a durable, easy-to-clean — and if you like, very colorful — surface. Here are terrific examples of furniture covered with colorful new laminate designs from Formica’s 100th Anniversary laminate designs. When Formica introduced this 100th Anniversary Formica collection, they also showed some glamor shots of how you can use these new patterns to laminate furniture. Check out these new photos from Formica’s Facebook page — showing the new collection giving a retro modern spice to classic mid century furniture as well as modern looking children’s’ furniture.

Formica-dotscreen-on-mid-century-tableThe new Formica patterns mint dotscreen and citrus halftone appropriately add vibrant color to these traditional mid century looking end tables.

kids-table-and-benches-made-with-new-formicaWhen the new patterns and colors are used together for this children’s activity table and stools the results are striking. What kid wouldn’t love to play on these bright (and crayon-resistant) surfaces?


formica-used-on-children's-furnitureYour imagination is the only limit to the ways Formica can be used — giant lizard wall decorations — check.

wilson houseThe Formica lizards-on-the-wall reminds us of the way that laminate was integrated right into the walls of the Wilson House — above.

Which reminds us of this fabulous video featuring Grace Jeffers talking about the Wilson house. OF COURSE: Formica was not the only company making laminate in mid century America. There was Wilsonart…

textolite… as well as GE Textolite


… and Consoweld… and a variety of other brands. The 1950s and 1960s were the glory days of gorgeous laminate designs!

Formica “White Onyx” laminate — in production since 1963 — still available today.

Hey, here’s another story –> 54 Formica laminates that have been in production for several decades — including White Onyx, which goes all the way back to 1963.

Kids-play-area-with-new-100th-anniversary-formicaSomething tells me this waiting area would me much less exciting if they used greige laminate.

formica-use-in-bar-restaurant-settingAnd here’s another one for the adults — tangelo dotscreen used and the front of a bar seating area.


formica-dotscreen-tangeloEven if you wouldn’t put this bar in at home, it would be fun to sit around and sip cocktails, no?

library shelf with formica Library shelves…

cafeteria tables

And cafeteria tables. Yum.

So there you have it, further proof that this retro material (in these colorful new varieties) can find itself at home in today’s modern spaces.

  1. paul coggins says:

    i use formica constantly for sets/furniture that i build and must admit that its a joy to see some “new” laminates out .
    My clients sort through the laminate samples in seconds and ask of more (just sayin )
    Would like to suggest to formica that they don’t stop here but continue with more new laminates.
    I dislike having to go to really expensive (really thin) laminates like Abet Laminate but their patterns are more exciting
    Keep it up formica my clients will love the new ones and i might just make some new retro furniture with it +)

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