2,300 s.f. of vintage Consoweld laminate unearthed and for sale

consoweld laminateWowza — here is a ton — several tons, actually! — of vintage Consoweld laminate likely to come on the market soon. I never cease to be amazed at the retro treasures out there, yet to be unearthed. Interestingly, this seller first posted this on our Forum (now defunct) — but then got so much interest, put this stock on ebay. Trim packs are apparently dated: 1955. I thought seriously about snapping them up myself… and kind of going into a small business to resell them to deserving Retro Renovators. But the specter of dealing with tons of material and a $10,000 reserve has slowed me from that daydream.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this stash, which I will catalog here for Retro Renovation posterity:

Our ministry Center was given the following items. This the largest find of Vintage Formica and accessories that you may ever find. The items are from the 1950’s and earlier. You are looking at several tons of materials, and you will need to travel to our location to pick up.

Similar sheets of true vintage Formica are selling on the open market for as much as $10 a square foot. We have at least 2300 square feet, plus edging, aluminum trim, centers, and several thousand linear feet of wood trim. The “Street Value” of this find is well over $30,000. We have a reserve price set at $10,000 and all proceeds go to our ministry center.

Vintage Formica Sheets (Consoweld) 1/8” thickness unless otherwise noted Over 2300 Square Feet!

The trim packs are dated 1955 so you can be sure this is the real vintage stuff! I would estimate the load to weigh in at several tons.

(3) Red 12’ x 52”

(1) Purple 12’ x 52”

(2) Light Purple (swirl designs) 12’ x 52”

(1) Dusty Rose (1/16” thickness) 12’ x 52”

(10) Dusty Rose 12’ x 52”

(3) Purple Plaid 4’ x 8’

(5) Pink Plaid 4’ x 8’

(1) Dark Gray 4’ x 8’

(2) Red 4’ x 8’

(1) Light Purple 4’ x 8’

(12) Assorted Colors & Swirls 4’ x 8’

(4) Assorted Colors & Swirls 4’ x 10’

(2) Dusty Rose 30” x 10’

(1) Blue Plaid 30” x 10’

(1) Green Swirls 30” x 10’

(4) Red Plaid 30” x 8’

(7) Dark with light purple swirls 30” x 8’

(12) Blue with swirls 30” x 8’

(5) Pink swirls 30” x 8’

(5) Gray 30” x 8’

(2) Green swirls 30” x 8’

(1) Pink 30” x 8’

At least 70 boxes of Consoweld Edge Trim 1 ½” wide many colors; lengths vary but most are at least 12 to 15 feet in a roll.

Also we have aluminum corners, edging trims, with various colors as well, at least 700 feet

We also have several thousand feet of vintage wood moldings of various shapes and sizes mostly oak and some cherry.

UPDATE: This story is from 2010. The ebay carousel stopped working. I think that means: Gone. Hope these vintage laminate pieces found great new homes!


  1. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    I grew up in Central Wisconsin where Consoweld was made. What I wouldn’t give to be able to put some of this in my house now… er…um. I forgot for a minute that I don’t have my 1950’s house yet. I am living in a 1985 house.

  2. Guy H. says:

    I love them! The swirly designs look amazing! I put a small countertop in my basement (I wanted a small bar near my shuffleboard lane) and I looked everywhere for something like that! I ended up just settling for a fake wood laminate.

    I bet someone could make a lot of money if they split this up and resold it.

  3. pam kueber says:

    You know, I think it will all depend on whether someone NEARBY has the warehouse, the entrepreneurial spirit and of course, the spare cash, to take a run at this. Also – I think you have to “subtract” the solid color sheets (with the exception, perhaps, of the pink) from this deal. It’s the designs – plaids and swirlies – that you can’t get today….

  4. Joe says:

    As incredible as a find as this is, I highly doubt they’re going to reach that $10,000 reserve price in this economy. They’d be better off piecing it out, although that is more labor intensive.

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