Wall mount faucet for a kitchen sink from Strom Plumbing

wall mount faucetIf you have a farmhouse kitchen sink — and need a wall mount faucet — check out this design from Strom Plumbing. This is the most handsome wall mount faucet that I have ever seen.

I’ve written about wall mount faucets from Strom before. I like those, sure, but this new design is not so “rounded” as others, there is no embellishment, no frou frou. Instead, this design has a chunky, utilitarian, almost industrial style — better for a mid century kitchen sink, I think. Notice the use of the “hex” shape and hard contoured edges thoughout the design. And of course, it’s always cool to have the soap dish attachment — what a terrific retro detail.

This kitchen faucet has hunka hunka heft, much like the Mississippi bathroom faucet that I love — also made by Strom Plumbing. I used the Mississippi faucet in two of my bathrooms. They were not inexpensive — but they seem to be terrific quality. I always like a kitchen and bathroom faucet with good “hand feel” — lots of “heft” when you touch them. The Mississippi bathroom faucets certainly have delivered. Note, several readers have pointed out that the smaller, 4″ Mississippi is no longer offered. Drats. I need to do more research on 4″ faucets, although we do have a few.

Where to see this Strom wall mount faucet

As you can see, you can get this Strom kitchen faucet as either deck- or wall mounted faucet, on an 8-inch spread. You can at Strom Plumbing Sign of the Crab  Note, Strom is a wholesaler — you cannot buy from them. If want to hunt this design online, plug the model number into the Google and go from there.

  1. kathy kelley says:

    I just purchased an antique kitchen sink (white enamel) one basin and drainage on both sides. Now, finding the faucets seems to be the tricky part. Wish me luck!

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