Vintage Bitossi Rimini Blu chandelier

bitossi chandelierIn my three+ years of watching listings for vintage Bitossi Rimini Blu listings on ebay, I have never seen a Bitossi Rimini Blue chandelier — or any Bitossi chandelier, for that matter, as I recall. Oh beauteous Bitossi Rimini Blu — the second Retro Renovation Color of the Year, in 2011.

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Thanks to seller paulasloft for permission to spotlight and archive these photos. This lamp is listed for sale at what I’d call a cheap price. But considering the rarity, I think it’s way fair. If I were an interior designer and I had a warehouse, I’d buy it. I need to become an interior designer. So I can have a warehouse. In my free time. hahaha, that’s a good one.

bitossi rimini blu chandelierThere is no mention of a marking indicating for certain that this is vintage Bitossi. But I am going to believe it. I have not heard of knock offs or modern day fakes being made.

bitossi rimini bluOur history of Retro Renovation Colors of the Year:

  1. lynda says:

    This is very attractive. It is listed as sold on May 15th on Ebay. I wonder if it fell through and is now listed again? Good find!

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:


      Although my current husband is really handy, my ex was not. When my chandelier in my first house needed rewiring, I found a DYI book in the library that detailed how to do it. If I were going for a new installation rather than rewiring an old one, I would have an electrician do it. Chandeliers and ceiling fans require a specific type of box by code in most states in the US and most Canadian provinces, and you might not have that box that you need in place. So follow Pam’s usual mantra–“old houses have some scary things; get professional help.” If you don’t know a licensed electrician, ask for a recommendation at a lighting store and get three estimates.

  2. Sara says:

    My mom has a matching vase/pot that she purchased in Italy in the early 60’s. Now that I see this amazing chandelier, I may have to start collecting!

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