Breaking News: GE to introduce retro style kitchen appliances in September

Appliance White — Chrome (No stainless steel version) — Old fashioned logo — Analog!
retro refrigerator stove dishwasher

Breaking news on the retrosphere — GE is releasing a new “Artistry” line of appliances with retro styling. The line comes in two colors — black and white — with a focus on simplicity and attractive design. The line will be released in Fall of 2013, and is marketed towards young, first time homeowners who are looking for stylish and affordable kitchen appliances. The retro-contemporary design of the line ensures it will fit in a wide range of kitchen styles from modern to vintage. It is great to see new, affordable appliance options becoming available for those of us with an eye for retro style.


Press release:

GE Unveils the First Line of Appliances Designed by a Millennial for Millennials

  • Unique design focuses on simplicity, creating an entirely new aesthetic at an affordable price for first-time homebuyers, younger consumers
  • GE Appliances has tripled investment in design over the last two years

GE-retro-appliancesLOUISVILLE, Ky.—June 26, 2013—(NYSE: GE)—With the introduction of the GE Artistry™ Series, GE’s designers focus on the needs of today’s generation of Millennials and their desire to uniquely express themselves. Created by a 27-year-old GE industrial designer with his own generation in mind, the Artistry Series provides first-time homebuyers with a distinctive and cool appearance at a price they can afford. This new line of stylishly sensible kitchen products includes five appliances: a gas range, electric range, bottom-freezer refrigerator, over-the-range microwave and top-control dishwasher.

Artistry_Bottom-Freezer-2Today’s Millennials comprise a significant number of first-time homebuyers; in fact, according to real estate brokerage company, Redfin, homebuyers in the 25- to-34-year-old age group make up the largest portion of homebuyers.

retro modern appliances“These buyers are price conscious and design savvy, but also want appliances from a brand they trust,” said Lou Lenzi, director of GE’s Industrial Design Operation. “In today’s marketplace, affordable appliances tend to look the same; GE Artistry Series fills that void for consumers by offering unique-looking products not currently sold by other manufacturers.”

Aristry_Bottom-FreezerDesigned to delight and disrupt at retail

Most appliances in this segment of the market have similar features that consumers use every day; the Artistry Series offers this, as well as a design aesthetic that will stand out in the home and on the retail floor.

Artistry_Range-black“Investing in the design of these appliances was a top priority for our team,” said Lenzi. “We’ve tripled our design resources over the past two years, and after much research, Tomas DeLuna, industrial designer for GE Appliances’ Concept and Brand team, was tapped to lead the development of the Artistry Series. The look needed to be simple and approachable with very clean lines. DeLuna’s design sensibilities made him an ideal fit to lead the project.”

DeLuna took the opportunity to design for his own generation by focusing on touchpoints that mattered to him, in areas where consumers interact most with the product—handles, knobs and clocks. “Making the critical consumer touchpoints metallic, and set against either a pure, white gloss or black gloss finish, creates a look that is both familiar to our consumers, yet remains fresh and modern,” said DeLuna. “That’s what makes the GE Artistry Series special; the design is authentic and contemporary with a nod to the past not currently offered in the marketplace.”

Artistry_MicrowaveThe GE logo, visible as a badge on the appliances, also reflects this philosophy. The GE monogram with the words “General” and “Electric” recalls the product badges of the past, yet the juxtaposition of chrome and high-gloss color evokes the core, contemporary Artistry design principles.

Both the new dishwasher and refrigerator are ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances. The bottom-freezer refrigerator costs $49 to operate annually.

Artistry_Dishwasher-blackThe full GE Artistry Series will be available in September 2013. Estimated retail price of the full GE Artistry product suite is $2,416.*

*Retailers set their own prices. Estimated retail pricing per appliance is as follows: bottom-freezer refrigerator, $1,099; top-control dishwasher, $499; over-the-range microwave, $219; gas range and electric range, $599.

Personally, I’m digging the design of the GE Artistry line — and I think it will appeal to many retro/modern loving folks like myself. Now how to convince my husband that we need to spring for a new white GE Artistry dishwasher when they come out this fall?


Pam adds: It is sooooo interesting to see how GE seems to go out of their way to avoid using the term “retro”. They say “contemporary with a nod to the past.” But this suite of kitchen appliances is so old skool looking — they used an old fashioned logo — appliance white (no stainless steel!) — chrome — and analog! It’s like they are afraid of getting tagged with the retro-moniker out of concern it will pigeonhole them. Oh well. I see a lot of readers going for the stove and fridge, in white, at these prices. However, if you want more sensuous curves — and color — Big Chill is still your likely best go-to.

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    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Discontinued. GE Appliances bought out by another company. I think this line is now: history.

  1. Barb. Bouldin says:

    I have an olive green double oven free standing electric stove (oven at the top, and large oven on the bottom(with the rotisserie), with self cleaning bottom oven. The stove was in our home when we bought it in 1972, and I looooove it. I’m kinda tall and using the top oven has been one of my favorite features,(the newer double ovens are not as convenient, although they have double ovens, in my opinion they do not compare to the convenience of the old free standing double oven which I still use. Waiting and hoping you come out with a newer version.

  2. Ecfinn says:

    It appears that GE is no longer making this line, at all. Does anyone know if that is true? Did it not sell well? Or was it GE’s appliance division sale somehow kill the line? This is really upsetting for me, as I just bought a house and was so excited to have an affordable, retro appliances option. I am priced out of buying from the other retro applicants companies.

    1. Angela says:

      We are in the planning phase of updating our vintage kitchen and I was so excited to come across this line. Unfortunately, I too found out that the GE Artistry line has been discontinued. I would like to know if anyone is aware of other similar appliances lines out there. Smeg and Bigchill are too spendy for our budget.

  3. Diane says:

    I have a new kitchen with the cream color wood cabinets with a brown glaze over and these would be perfect. I just emailed whirlpool and am hoping for a positive response..

    1. pam kueber says:

      Sara, the link to the products are right in the beginning of the story (in bold blue). You can check out the specs there.

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