Vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets in Raspberry


It isn’t every day that you find a set of raspberry pink St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets like this set for sale in Washington, D.C.. The color of this cabinetry — found printed right on the back of one of the cabinets: Raspberry. We love it — AND, we have an historical reference to demonstrate this is likely from around 1956 — not the flower power 1960s. Thanks to reader Debbie, who alerted us to this fantastic find, and to craigslist seller Kathe for allowing us to feature her photos.

St. Charles kitchen cabinetEarly in the blog’s life, Pam wrote about this color, which she identified as “rose red”. The color also seems to be a ringer for Sherwin-Williams’ Flamingo Pink, part of their Suburban Modern collection.

See this story about what looks to be this very St. Charles kitchen color on an actual — in 1956. Yes, a raspberry kitchen, all decorated out. And… here’s a sofa and wallpaper showing this color — just to illustrate that the color was promoted for use in other spaces as well.


From the Craigslist post:

$100 per cabinet EACH (CL doesn’t let me post EACH in price field). Both upper and lower metal St. Charles cabinets with stainless steel handles from an upper crust DC home in the 60s. Very mid century modern. In good condition, just need cleaning and installing in your place. Original Raspberry Pink paint has some slight nicks and scratches consistent with 50+ years of use, but still quite a lot of character and usuable as is for an authentic look, or you could paint. You move from my split level basement, half flight of stairs. I was going to use them in a kitchen remodel but ended up using something else and need to find these a new home because we are moving. Email for pics and measurements.

St. Charles kitchen cabinetAlso have some white metal cabinets, Geneva brand. $50 EACH, chrome handles. These have been painted once.

These are great for retro, vintage kitchen remodel or even a dry garage.

steel-kitchen-cabinetI don’t have the countertop or sink for either set. The pink St Charles ones were in an L shaped kitchen before. Here are measurements:

Pink Base cabinets: 30.5″ high, no footing
33wide x 26 deep (2 doors, 1 drawer)
9w x 26 deep
15w x 26d
Sink facing for

single stainless sink (do not have sink)

Pink Upper cabinets: 13″ deep
45w x 3 high (3 doors)
21w x 36 high
30w x 24.5 high (2 doors over stove)
21w x 36 high
21w x 36 high
15w x 36 high
33.5w x 18 high (2 doors over fridge)

White Base cabinets (from a different kitchen): 35″ high with footing
48 w x 25 deep (4 drawers)
18 w x 25 deep (3 drawers)
24 wide x 25 deep x 7″ high (over stove cabinet?)
Sink facing for single stainless sink (do not have sink)

White Upper cabinets: 13″ deep
30w x 18 high (2 doors)
two corner cabinets: 24 wide x 30 high

St. Charles kitchen cabinetMega thanks to Craigslist seller Kathe for allowing us to feature her photos of these fabulous vintage steel cabinets.

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  1. K. Schuetz says:

    We need a metal/steel kitchen sink base cabinet or a Youngstown full sink and drainboard unit. Can you help?

  2. Trent Jones says:

    We have a full kitchen of circa 1953 St. Charles metal cabinets. I am looking for parts (door fasteners, etc) but am willing to purchase a complete cabinet or two to get the parts. Availability & price would be appreciated.

  3. Robin, NV says:

    These are lovely. I was in the hardware store the other day and overheard a woman saying how her kitchen was watermelon. How nice!

    We archaeologists tend to describe the different colors of chert (a type of stone) by the foods we’re reminded of – especially around lunch time or near the end of the day when we’re tired and hungry. “Root beer” and “mustard” are two common colors. I actually found an artifact that I described as “raspberry and cream.” Maybe not terribly scientific sounding but a very useful description nevertheless.

  4. Andi says:

    These are so cool! I love flamingo pink.

    For once, something fabulous on Craigslist is only an hour’s drive away, but I can’t use them. My turquoise kitchen has its original 1952 cabinets (though the white painted wood is pretty boring compared with these!)

    Hope they find an appreciative new owner!

  5. Marc says:

    Architect Alden Dow (a well-known follower of Frank Lloyd Wright) used the raspberry cabinets in a number of his late 1950s/early 1960s designs.

      1. Jay says:

        Oh good! Another design person to learn up on. Lately I have been looking into the work of Edward D. Stone.

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