youngstown kitchen hutchSix+ years of blogging the retro, and this is the first time we’ve ever seen one of these: A Youngstown Kitchens hutch. Spotted for sale on our Forum. Yes, apparently this was a purpose-built design — not something cobbled together. Reason we think so: The decorative back splash of the hutch is steel — yes, the part that is painted out to look like tile and which sports the Youngstown label. This is a great little piece of steel kitchen cabinet history.


Like I said, this piece was posted for sale on our Forum. The main ad is on craiglist. Who’s going to buy it!!!???

The piece is in Nashville. The ad says:

I have an original 1950s Youngstown Kitchen hutch red and white.

The front left door needs a new screw to hold door on, and the red top has blemishes from normal wear and tear. The top and bottom separate.

It’s in fantastic shape for its age. I have yet to find anything like this, make me an offer. Email if interested.

Youngstown-cabinet-hutchvintage-steel-cabinet-hutchvintage-hutchIn my followup email to get better photos, and permission to use them, the owner told me:

Hiya! Yes, the “tile” is metal. I’ll get more photos just as soon as I can. I actually found this at a yard sale in Delaware.

I LOVE this era, and I can’t find anything about Youngstown hutch’s on the web. Nothing! So I thought I might have a rare piece on my hands…

Note: The chrome pulls on this vintage hutch are an earlier style of Youngstown. I’d need to go find my catalogs and work to identify the date when the switch was made to the chevrons (see below).

The hutch — in wood — or as a Hoosier cabinet — was such a longtime kitchen staple that trying it out in steel makes perfect sense. I am mostly surprised we haven’t seen more of them.

Rare Youngstown sink

Remember this other Youngstown woddity (wonderful-oddity) discovered a ways back? The Youngstown Servi-Center:

youngstown kitchens

I can only surmise that: Youngstown Kitchens was such a big company (the biggest them all), that they experimented with items such as this.


  1. Annie says:

    I just inherited this exact same piece and stumbled upon this blog while I was trying to find some info on it. This is the only site I could find anything like it. It’s been awhile since this was posted, I’m curious if anyone has any other info on this hutch.

    1. Karen says:

      Our first and current home came with a small Youngstown kitchen (sink and one side cabinet). Could really use one of those hutches to complete it/provide more storage. So glad to know they exist. Let me know if you’re ever interested in selling yours.

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