Jacquie’s frugal vintage decorating finds — including a NOS Progress P 5973 porch light

vintag-progressive-lightThe amount of gorgeous vintage lighting available out there is unreal. Often, these fixtures are available for great bargains. Reader Jacquie recently left a comment to let us know that she found one such bargain — a NOS Progress Lighting P 5973. My goodness, it is stunning!

Jacquie wrote:

My husband and I just got home from picking up the P 5973! We just put it up outside the front door, looks sooo sharp! Saw it on CL and had to grab it. The man said it was from his parents store in 1950s, and he just brought everything that was left in the store here to Phoenix from Chicago. It was in a Progress box, he said it was the original box that it came in. I am happy!


midcentury-porch-lightsYup, that’s an honest to goodness Progress P 5973 porch light — just like the one Pam was drooling over when she wrote 41 midcentury lighting ideas — post lanterns, lamp posts, wall lanterns and landscaping lights in one of her vintage Progress Lighting catalogs. Seeing one of these in real life — in brand-new condition — is like having the vintage catalog illustration come to life. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could still order from vintage magazines and catalogs? Even though Jacquie didn’t send away for her light, we can pretend that somehow the Retro Decorating Gods fulfilled her order, can’t we?


This fantastic vintage light isn’t all that Jacquie and her husband Glen have uncovered.

Jacquie writes:

Glen and I are the major collectors…we are always finding things we love and trying to grab what we can that may have no chance otherwise. I am careful about what I spend on things though, I feel it is getting really crazy out there with some folks and their unrealistic prices for vintage items.


I thought while I was on the computer today, I would send these out to you as well. I am very proud of my collection, and want to have them installed in a new/older home sometime in the near future. That is our hope anyway! They have been lovingly repaired,cleaned, and stored away till that time!


The fridge works great, and is a nice find, although the other appliances in my kitchen right now are GE woodtone brown. Pam helped me figure that out, she wrote a cool little piece about my “Matchy Matchy kitchen” on her site, I sent her pics of my GE cooktop and oven, and then I found the 40-inch range in the same color and had it installed here. I love them all.

Glen really likes the turquoise, so we started to look for a set of those and started buying!! We just enjoy the “hunt for treasure”..I know you know what I mean!


The dishwasher does have the bottom panel, it just wasn’t on there at the time…it is sooo cool!


We also have a turquoise 1964 Hotpoint custom refrigerator in storage, it is in need of repair, but B_E_A utiful…and a 1959 Hotpoint “Woodland” brown fridge waiting to be fixed. Both are in good shape and just need love.

We have two years till this little (and I DO mean little) 1960 house is paid for, and then I can start to think about another one, I want to keep this one for our family once it is free and clear, it will always be there in case someone needs a place to stay. They just better like my vintage decor!! :o) We are in Arizona by the way…hot country!

I have clocks, dishes, (set of Salem Northstar) and other sets, lamps, coffee percolators, canisters, vintage decorative screen blocks Kent Coffey bedroom, Heywood Wakefield beds, Mersman tables, Lane tables, yada-yada-yada, some of it is in use right now and some waiting for its day. Hey… no kids at home.. it’s just Glen and me and the dogs..we love collecting and it is our passion…a really fun hobby for sure.

Jacquie, both your vintage porch light and aqua appliances are to die for. Kudos to you on your careful and patient vintage hunting. And yay on you for being so close to paying off the mortgage! Thanks for taking the time to share a few of your vintage treasures with us.

  1. Janet Adair says:

    I grew up w/a complete set of these turquoise beauties. Didn’t know my Mother was such a ‘trendsetter’! Good to see a set being put to good use again. Enjoy!

  2. Shane says:

    Love that dishwasher! It looks similar to the 1962 model from the brochure but the stars are different. Any chance of the owner providing the model and serial number from the ID plate on the dishwasher?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Mark, start watching craigslist (no buying/selling here on the blog or it would become chaos). Good luck.

  3. Ray says:

    I have the exact stove top and oven in a brown color. Sounds like it works the same . Timer/clock not working. Do you know where I could sell this?How much? Thanks.

  4. Tess says:

    I saw the turquoise cooktop and wondered if you had a model number for it. I have an old almond one that no longer has its model number and I need a burner to replace one that shorted out.

  5. John says:

    I love 1960s turquoise appliances. The GE’s shown here are amazing. The outdoor light is beautiful but I’m wondering what the hec is the Lincoln Continental star logo doing on it? As an old car enthusiast I was like whoa that is a very, very close match to the Continental star used by Ford Motor Company for Lincoln Continental from 1962-64. Well, you’ve got a very classy outdoor light of Lincoln quality.

  6. Britt says:

    Neat light! My supposedly 1970 house has more than a few original light fixtures, (among other things!) but I am having a devil of a time trying to find out more information on them or find more. The only thing I’ve been able to positively ID so far are the Crane Criterion shower and vanity faucets!

  7. hazeldazel says:

    OMG that light is jawsome!

    My mom had a 1958 ranch that had the EXACT stove and dishwasher and the oven was so close to a match (maybe a year or two different?) – but all in butter yellow. She sold it in 2006 with the same stove and oven which both still worked except for the timer and rotisserie function on the oven. She still had the same laminate counters and wood cabinets as well. It was a great kitchen and was very efficient. Of course, the people who bought it totally gutted it and put in new everything and even moved the sink away from the window. SMH

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Moved the sink away from the window? Blasphemy! How is one to look dreamily into the back yard while washing up, or watch the dog and the kids playing?

      I wonder what happened to the butter yellow appliances when the new people gutter? By the way, the timer and rotisserie function on an old oven can both be repaired.

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