45+ NOS vintage barn lights from the Westinghouse factory in Mansfield, Ohio

quad-reflector-lightReflector lighting — also known as barn lighting — is a huge trend in mainstream decorating today, which is very much into the industrial. And what’s not to like — especially when you can find the REAL DEAL VINTAGE in  lovely shades of 1940s and 1950s green. Yes, this week Pam discovered this stash of 45+  New Old Stock reflector lights in two styles; click here to see the lights, in Pam’s ebay list (affiliate link)The Buy-It-Now prices look reasonable — about half that of one big name retailer we checked.

NOS-reflector-lights-greenSalvaged from the rafters of an old factory maintenance room, these fixtures have never seen the light of a bulb. The sellers have even taken it upon themselves to spit shine all 45+ of these shades to their former glory.From the ebay listing:

RARE WAREHOUSE FIND!! NOS (New Old Stock ) 45+ Porcelain Pendant Shades NEVER Mounted or Used with 20 Still in their ORIGINAL Box and Packaging!! Absolutely NO discounts or Best Offers – These are priced to sell – When They Are Gone They are Gone.

The price includes professional packing, shipping and insurance NO extra charges!

NOS-reflector-lightsThese shades are ALL 50-60+ years old and the supply is limited. Whether you are the end user, a re-seller or decorator that incorporates these design elements into their work it is a rare opportunity to acquire un-used vintage lighting.

vintage-lightIn this Listing …….
We have #2 Green Porcelain 14″ Pendant Shades. These were produced by the “Quadrangle Mfg. Co.” of Chicago, Ill. and is their “Quad Reflector” brand. Other than a lot of surface dirt and the occasional spider web (Yes we cleaned them) they are about as MINTY as you will find in vintage shades. Their original paper labels are still intact but most are dried out and loose so your shades may or may not have these still attached (I think I will put a little piece of clear tape on them).

These were ALL stacked most with their original cardboard dividers still there. On the edges where the black enamel paint was used to bridge the gap between the outer green porcelain and inner white porcelain you will find minuscule areas of corrosion though unused they were still outside their box for 50-60 years.

This shade is 14″ in dia. and 6″ deep with a standard “Hex” shaped mounting hole that is 1-3/8″ across the flat edges (not corner to corner).

reflector-light-gas-stationvintage-Ivanhoe-lightFrom the listing for the second lighting style:

Ivanhoe-reflector-light-vintageIn this Listing we have #2 Green Porcelain 12″ Shades for “Blow Out Proof” fixtures that were found in their original boxes. These were produced by the “Miller Company” of Meriden, Conn. and is their “Ivanhoe” brand. Other than a little surface dirt and the occasional spider web (Yes we cleaned them) they are about as MINTY as you will find in vintage shades. Their original paper labels are still intact but most are dried out and loose so your shades may or may not have these still attached (I think I will put a little piece of clear tape on them). The “Union” labels are decals and you can remove these or leave them on.

These were ALL still in their original box. If there is any minor surface imperfections they were massed produced and were made that way. I do not think the manufacturer realized these would be used in upscale offices, restaurants or bars and million+ dollar New York lofts!

NOS-light-in-original-boxThis shade is 12″ in dia. and the mounting area is 3-5/8″ in dia. – 4-1/4″ at the “notches.”

reflector-lightI asked the seller if she had any further information about the shade’s origin. She replied:

The shades were purchased as part of the lot being “the contents of the maintenance room” during the auction of the Westinghouse factory in Mansfield, OH (closed December 1990). The buyers sold scrap and salvage for a living, but also were in the process of building a new barn on their property at the time and brought home the shades to use (6 of them hang unassumingly in the aisle way today). The rest were literally tucked in the rafters of their warehouse until now.

Mega thanks to Ebay seller clearfork_antiques for allowing us to feature their photos of this fantastic find. Click here to see these lights, among all Pam’s vintage lighting finds one bay. (affiliate link)

    1. pam kueber says:

      We do not sell anything here – you need to refer to the links or resources mentioned in the story.

  1. Kor'Ree Manson says:

    My name is Kor’Ree and in was wondering could i get your opinion or help. I was cleaning out a old barn built in 30s or late 50s and came across some 12 inch vintage barn house lights with the original head sockets and still with original Porcelain paint. There old from Appleton Electric Company in Chicago established in 1903 also comes with original logo sticker on them. I was wondering could you direct me to someone that would care interest in buying these or could appraise these for me. I also did some research on the patent number on these and the fixture support publishing date went as far back as July 23, 1932 invented in Illinois.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,

    1. pam kueber says:

      What a great find! I’d recommend researching Completed Sales on ebay, and would probably list them there to reach the widest audience. Good luck!

    1. Roundhouse Sarah says:

      That is the coolest trailer I’ve ever seen!!!! I guess all these retro trailers were snatched up by tornados and hurricanes in my neck of the woods!

    2. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Oh my, a pink bathroom AND pink wall oven and sink. Oh my! I am in love. Here’s the sad thing–the RV parks in our area have come up with a new requirement that all trailers that come in have to be no more than 10 years old. The only reason my lovingly restored 1982 Terry Fleetwood is allowed to stay in my seasonal site year after year is that it is “grandfathered in.” It’s been in the same park since it was brand new, and the second owners were my parents. So even if I could afford to bid on this beautiful one, I would only be able to keep it in the yard of my house. We are way off the topic of those beautiful green lights, though. Wouldn’t they look perfect in an old trailer?

  2. Kathy H says:

    Holy smokes! I want one! I work in the electrical industry in NE Ohio and started my career with Westinghouse…i’ve always had such a soft spot for that company! I am going on and getting on tonight when i get home – thanks for this post!

  3. Allen says:

    Pam and Kate,
    I am not sure if you saw my posting I left a few days ago on a time capsule posting but there is a wonderful 1972 house for sale in Tullahoma, TN by architects Joyce, Pearson, and Prout. Lee Prout was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The MLS # is 1480303 and here is some information about it.



    I don’t know if you can feature it on the blog or not but would like for it to be sold to a sympathetic buyer.
    Thanks for the work that you all do!!

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