“Pullman kitchens” and this vintage Douglas Crestlyn drainboard sink

crestlyn-vintage-drainboard-sinkToday we add yet another stainless steel drainboard sink to our collection of rare vintage kitchen sinks. It’s an 8′-long Douglas Crestlyn drainboard sink for sale in Dallas — and interestingly, it was likely part of a large and longtime phenomenon called “pullman kitchens.”

Douglas-Crestlyn-kitchensFrom the listing:

If you have been looking for that special piece to finish your retro kitchen remodel, look no further!

Douglas-Crestlyn-trademarkSelling vintage Douglas Crestlyn 1950’s / 60’s stainless steel countertop, sink with double drain boards. This is a very rare and unique piece as it was the largest countertop/sink combo made by Douglas Crestlyn and marketed with a lifetime replacement guarantee. It is in good condition for its age as it only has two small dings on the right side near the backsplash. The underneath metal supports are a little rusted but does not diminish the overall quality. Dimensions are: 8′ long, 2’deep with 4″ backsplash. Sink bowl is 16″ x 20″, 7.5″ deep. Made of 20 gauge stainless steel polished to #4 satin finish. Double drain boards are grooved and have a positive 3/8″ pitch from countertop ends toward bowls.

Crestlyn-sink-brochureAlong with the sink, I have the original “Douglas Crestlyn Efficiency Kitchens and Stainless Steel Sink Top” catalog. The original company catalog is included in the price and would top off your retro kitchen renovation and be a centerpiece conversation item to proudly frame in your kitchen.

Crestlyn-efficiency-kitchensIt appears that the Douglas Crestlyn Company specialized in efficiency kitchens — aka pullman kitchens, with the name coming from Pullman train cars named after George Pullman. Pam found this 1982 story in the New York Times that talks about all-in-one pullman kitchens.

Here on Retro Renovation, the GE Wonder Kitchen introduced in 1955 is the most famous example of a pullman kitchen. Isn’t is SO INTERESTING to connect these historic dots!

douglas-crestlyn-sinks-vintageThe features of Crestlyn stainless steel drainboard sinks as listed in the brochure above are:

  • Sanitary seamless bowl — no germ collecting joint.
  • Pitched drainboards to assure positive draining.
  • Eliminates sink top replacement and maintenance. Will not chip, rust, burn or stain.
  • Protects china and glassware against breakage.
  • Ideal with garbage disposer — Unaffected by vibration.
  • Blends with any color scheme — Grows more beautiful with use.
  • Fits most undersink cabinets — Ideal for remodeling or new construction.

Does anyone know anything more about Douglas Crestlyn, based in Fort Lauderdale? Shaun writes:

I was intrigued by the company as I was doing reference for value on my sink. However I was unable to find anything about the company. It appeared that they were a very large company as they had several lines of product but then seem to just quickly go out of business in the 80s. Therefore, I was just wondering if you had any additional information on the company.

Mega thanks to Craigslist seller Shaun for allowing us to feature the photos of his fabulous sink and vintage brochure.

Readers, do you have a pullman kitchen in your home —
or do you remember these from the past?

  1. tony says:

    I worked for the owner, Donald Douglas in the 70’s. He made a fortune during the post war building boom in DC. He also owned an appliance distributorship in Washington. He lost it all and the business folded. I believe the units were actually mfg. by U-Line, Inc. in WI.

  2. EmilyJ says:

    I have the same 8′ sink in my kitchen. I am in the process of renovating my kitchen and am searching to see what a good asking price would be.

  3. Ron Malay says:

    I’m getting ready to list that exact sink on Craigslist with the exception that it’s a double bowl. I have no idea what I should ask for it. If anyone has an idea let me know.

    1. Lisa Compo says:

      I don’t know what you should ask, but I would like to know where you are located, if you don’t mind. Also, I think your geographic location has a lot to do with what you can expect to get for it. Naturally, the NE area, and CA will get you a higher price, the more you get Midwest, I would think it would sell for less. This is just my opinion, of course, my two cents from KY….LOL, if I was in NY my opinion would be worth a dime at least. 🙂

  4. Shawn Ivy says:

    Lucky me is actually the new owner of that awesome 8′ sink in this story! Shaun was so cool to work with me in getting it moved from Texas to North Carolina. The sink is waiting patiently until I have the funds to renovate the kitchen.

  5. Michael Thomas says:

    Hello, I have countertops and metal cabinets that look identical to this oneexcept they have a double sink. They are ‘Tracy” brand and are 5 ,6 and 7 feet in length. Can someone tell me who may be interested in purchasing these and what the value is. They are in excellent condition and I have pictures available. These were salvaged from a old apartment building built in 1945. Thanks for reading!

    1. Shawn Ivy says:

      I had a 4′ Tracy Sink that I recently sold on eBay for $400. You should try to sell locally on Craigslist first though. Shipping it wasn’t too bad through Greyhound.

  6. Shawn Ivy says:

    Oooooh 8′ is actually the length I need for my kitchen renovation. Hope I’m lucky enough to find one! I have a 4′ one but rather have one solid piece instead of countertop on either side.

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