Hannah uses vintage 1970s mirror tiles to add dimension to her entry way

Mirror-Tile-WallIt is very satisfying to see vintage goodies that we feature find a welcome spot in appreciative readers’ homes. So we were happy to hear from Hannah, who purchased three NOS boxes of decorative 1970s mirror tiles from among a large stash that Pam spotted on etsy last year. Hannah used them to cover a dividing wall in her entry way — with groovalicious results.

mirrored-wall-tile-retroHannah writes:

I bought one box when the article first hit Retro Renovation. I wasn’t sure how or where we were going to use them, we tossed around a lot of options, but nothing that 12 tiles would really work for. I’ve kept the seller’s item on my watch list all this time as she had more available. I think it was late September 2013 when I bought my second box, then 3 weeks later my third. We’d done the measurements and decided the wall for the tiles would be the dividing wall between the living room entry and the kitchen.

Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but our baseboards are quite high at 7″. We’re going to finish off the top with something similar in style in an attempt to “frame” the mirrors.

I am absolutely in LOVE with the outcome of this wall!  I look at it every day in amazement at the dimension it adds to our small living room. Thanks, Pam, for always giving us a heads up of what’s out there for us Retro fans to finish off our dream homes/rooms.  And thank you also, for caring about Mid-Century “Modest”… which exemplifies my little 825 s.f. 1961 Ranch.

mirror tileHannah, you’ve really outdone yourself. That partial wall between your entry and kitchen was a great place for these mirrored tiles to land. You’re right — this feature adds interest, texture and dimension to your space. Also of note, the way the diamond pattern in the tiles mirrors the windows on your entry door. Repetition is one of the key factors of thoughtful design. Bravo on a job well done — and thanks so much for sharing your results with all of us.

Readers, there are still quite a few New Old Stock mirror tiles left in etsy seller cosasrara’s stash — there appear to be multiples of many of the designs, so you can create a mirror wall of your very own.

  1. Chutti says:


    I’m pleased to see how great your house is looking! I remember when it was a twinkle in yr eye, and all the work that went into just getting in there. Glad you are enjoying the fun (and maybe not as fun) parts of decorating your space.

    Yes, the mirror tiles are perfect. You always have a great way with getting everything to feel authentic. Some folks MCM homes feel a bit like a museum or a showroom. Yours looks inviting and loved.
    Good work!

    1. hannah says:

      HI Chutti!!! (((BIG HUGS)))

      I was wondering if you were still around, glad to see that you are. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments! It’s nice that you remember what a trial it was just to get into the place. I almost gave up on it after 6 months of red tape, but hung in there and I’m SO glad I did.

      My MCM style leans WAY more towards ‘kitsch’ / funky, and is anything but sterile. Though I’ve thought I could make some cash when I retire and open it up for tours calling it “Life in the 1960’s. 😉

      How’s your house coming along? Say hi to your Mr. Wonderful for me!

      1. Chutti says:

        Doesnt it just feel like you were always there, now? Loooks like it….

        Hubs is doing great…our house is slowly getting back to 1920. He just restored my 30’s mahogany sofa….just waiting to get the down cushions from the custom place. He thought it silly to spend as much on cushions as an ikea couch, but since I spent $40 on the sofa 20 yrs ago and it will outlast us all, it’s still a bargain.

        Focus lately is on less fun stuff….cracks in stucco. Lots of em. Will have to focus on that before phase two of kitchen restore…..traditional mexican tile and my salvaged farm house sink. Since you’re fom CA, you’ll know what I mean when I say I want it to look like a See’s candy kitchen. All ‘modern’ and efficient, but circa 1926.

        fun to see you all settled in!

  2. Anna says:

    I love your whole kitchen, it looks very inviting. My parents have a speckled mirror tile wall in the entryway of their 1970s house and this reminds me of that, very elegant yet cozy at the same time.

    1. hannah says:

      Anna, thank you so much! It is a cozy place. I do wish we had a couple extra 100 sf to play with, but 825 sf is good enough for two old aging farts. I mean really, how much space to I want to keep clean when I’m 90??? 😉

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