vintage ornament wreathDo you ever get so crazzzzzy obsesssssed with something that you lose an entire week of your life? Call me binge-crafter, because this week I could barely focus on anything but ornie-hoarding so that I could make more of these vintage ornament wreaths using Georgia Peachez’ instructions. C.R.A.Z.Y. As in: I could barely concentrate on the blog (ask Kate, she’ll tell you) while I scoured all of Berkshire County for vintage Christmas ornaments. I’ve been buying from ebay and etsy, too. Argh. Mid-November is not the right time to hunt for vintage ornaments, too much competition from similarly obsessed, late-planning crafters. Have a great weekend. Me? I hot glue, therefore, I am. Tune back in on Monday for more info, photos and tips to come from my DIY session making this wreath, which turned out F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

  1. Loretta Jones says:

    Gotta tell you…after Christmas Hobby Lobby sale on everything Christmas, especially gorgeous ornaments..80% off!!! Too late for this year but next year….

  2. Just found out about these wreaths!! I am so impressed with Georgia Peachez!!! I want to try to make one too! Yours turned out great! Such a fun and cheery holiday deco piece!

  3. Lynne says:

    Yeah, we had snow last week and a devastating tornado on Sunday! Its hard to stay in Holiday DIY mode with wild swings like this.

  4. Blair Kooistra says:

    Pam, please contact me via e-mail regarding the restored Ruth Paine Home of Irving, Texas and its link to the JFK assassination, the 50th anniversary of which is this upcoming Friday.

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