9 retro shower curtains — including four flamingos — from DENY Design

mod shower curtain

When I was researching colorful retro shower curtains for Terri’s 1960s bathroom makeover, I was drawn down a deep rabbit hole for a spell. I am not kidding: I am pretty sure I scanned more than 3,000 shower curtains designs on a number of websites, but mostly at DENY Designs. Today — pure eye candy — (but maybe you’re in the market?) — here are nine retro shower curtains that caught my eye. Above: The “In Mod We Trust” design that I used in my design board for Terri, from DENY. 

pink flamingo shower curtainAbove: My favorite flamingo shower curtain from DENY. 

pink flamingo shower curtainAbove: The flamingos start getting abstract, DENY.

flamingo shower curtainsAbove: Flamingo Lounge, DENY. 

casey rogers flamingoAbove: Lone, graphic flamingo, DENY.

“Pondering flamingos.” That’s what I think I will call this little series.

hardy boys shower curtainAbove: I love this DENY design, which brings The Hardie Boys into the bathroom. Can we have one for Nancy Drew, and the Bobsey Twins, too, please?

California flagAbove: There were more designs of this ilk. I was born in California, so was acculturated in grade school to love the California state flag. Fimbus shower curtain, DENY.

french cat shower curtain Above: Meow. Le Chat Noir shower curtain, DENY. 

miniature schnauzerAbove: And name your doggies, there’s likely and Angry Squirrel Studios shower curtain to go with. My guy Astro is a mini schnauzer. Cute overload, don’t you agree? Woof!

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    OHHHHH, I am dangerously close to being late to work because I am swept off my feet by DENY shower curtains!!!! I love all the options on their site! Total treasure!!!!!

  2. Robin, NV says:

    Wow! “Sucked down the rabbit hole” is right Pam. The shower curtains on DENY are very cool. There are some nifty atomic/retro designs in the “geometric” section. Unfortunately, with my tiny bathrooms, these curtains would dominate the space. For now, I’ll stick with my mostly clear “bubbles” curtain so the bathroom doesn’t seem claustrophobic and I can admire my vintage tile.

  3. Andi says:

    Oh my. A timely post for me. I have spent an obscene number of hours scrolling through hundreds or thousands of DENY Designs shower curtains—and a lot of other shower curtains—these past few months.
    Even ordered one from DENY and it was fabulous, but the little splotches of turquoise were all wrong for my turquoise bathroom, which is almost a dead match for Daltile’s Aqua Glow.

    We are having a vintage sink installed next week (American Standard Gracelynn with original chrome legs), the 19-week tub-to-shower conversion is done, and now I just need to find “the” shower curtain around which to decorate!

    Found this fabulous flamingo on CafePress:
    Guess I’ll have to see it in person to know if the turquoise will blend! Oh, the agony of it all!! 🙂
    Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets obsessed with this stuff!

  4. Geronimom says:

    How funny! I was seriously just googling “Flamingo + bathroom” to get decor ideas for my pink bathroom! Unfortunately, as much as I LOVE all the great flamingo shower curtains, I don’t think I can get one, as my bathroom came with vintage etched shower doors with flamingoes (actually, they are probably herons) on them. Since I don’t really want to hide that nice feature, I guess I really can’t cover it up with a shower curtain. That does remove a great decorating focal point out of the equation, however. Hmm…maybe some flamingo wallpaper? But I’m afraid that with the homemade vintage Florida postcard collage I made, wallpaper might make the room too busy looking…..? Hmmm… maybe this is a question I should submit for a “design delimma”! Anyway, Thanks for showcasing some really cool shower curtains, Pam! Oh, btw – I’m sure you already know this, but cafe’ press has some really nice shower curtain designs submitted by readers, too. Don’tcha just love this one?! http://www.cafepress.com/+pink_flamingos_shower_curtain,652986999:

  5. Cynthia says:

    Cool designs on DENY! I looked under the “vintage” category for shower curtains and found some truly fab ones. All sorts of colors, many geometric, very retro all-over designs. Look for pattern names like Beatnik, Boogaloo (in several color ways), Daddy-o, Flash Forward, Vintage Kitchen (yes, a very cool shower curtain!) Olive Sun….I want them all!

  6. Amie in St. Louis says:

    Can I get a shout-out for my girl Trixie Belden too? She was my favorite! 🙂

    Going to check out these DENY shower curtains as we speak!

  7. My all time favorite shower curtain was clear with large pink flamingos. Everyone who saw it laughed at it, but I have to say it did wonders for adding a sense of bright and cheery optimism on those cold, dreary Monday mornings!

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