1960s kitchen cabinet colorsToday, from my archive of vintage marketing materials: A tri-fold brochure showing the 18 paint colors available for St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets in the 1960s. I will estimate that these kitchen cabinet paint colors are mid-1960s because of the Harvest Gold — which I have seen before in St. Charles cabinets, dated 1966. But, hey, there is still Carnation pink — so Mamie’s sway had not completely diminished. 

1960s kitchen cabinet colorsavocado green harvest gold

st charles kitchen colors 1957
1957 kitchen cabinet paint colors for St. Charles

We’ve seen quite a few of these colors in the wild… A few are “close” to some of the colors in my 1957 St. Charles Kitchens catalog… but now we have more to look for. Apricot? Antique Gold? Black Pearl? Capri Blue? I would sure love to see these before I head to that big retro party in the sky.

st. charles kitchens catalogst charles kitchen catalogsst charles kitchen cabinet brochureThe graphics are just too fun.

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  1. Sara says:

    It was built in 1960. Fantastic construction with many Frank Llyod Wright-influenced design aspects. The owner put purple glittery tile with a 10 ft long white marble vanity in the master bath, so I’m assuming she loved the color purple!????

  2. Sarah says:

    I have 1952 st Charles metal kitchen cabinets. Can anyone tell me how to remove the doors? Thank you!

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