Affordable retro bathroom sinks — two hudee-ring sinks under $65

retro-hudee-ring-sinksHot news, we have a third source for hudee-rimmed bathroom sinks, discovered by reader Tappan Trailer Tami. Bootz Industries, a company that has been in business since 1937, manufactures both a round and oval porcelain on steel, metal rim bathroom sinks. The sinks are only available in white, and are super affordable — even though the hudee ring must be purchased separately, the sink and rim together come in just under $65, making them a great choice for those doing a retro remodel on a tight budget.

Tappan Trailer Tami writes:

I am SO excited!!! Thanks to you and your readers, I knew about Kohler’s and Ceco’s cast iron Hudee ring sink offerings. In looking around at pricing though, I saw the Kohler Tahoe bathroom sink for about $240 in white via Lowes. I never could find Ceco’s pricing for their Maui or Kuai bathroom sinks, but would expect it to be in the same relative ballpark as Kohler. I was looking for my master bathroom and need TWO sinks. I really would love to find Mamie pink vintage sinks, but finding a PAIR of Hudee ring pink sinks in excellent condition at a decent price is…. well….maybe I would be better off buying a lottery ticket!

Then, today, I ran a search for “porcelain on steel sink” in Google (my best friend). Low and behold, I discovered that Bootz Industries offers two flat-rim-Hudee-ring-required sinks for the bathroom, and also 2 sinks for the kitchen! They don’t include the rims, but they can be ordered separately. Better yet: Bootz Industries has been in business since 1937! Products are made in the USA!

Bootz Industries is a manufacturer/wholesaler, but are pretty widely available through retail plumbing suppliers online. I found the sinks extremely reasonably priced through HD Supply online. Little did I know, HD Home Improvement Supply (there’s a store right down the road from me) also has an HD Maintenance Solutions Supply division, which is the division that carries these sinks. I guess it pays to search out unconventional retail outlets!

While many would debate cast iron quality vs. porcelain on steel and claim cast iron to be superior, especially for the kitchen, the fact remains that cast iron is quite a bit more initial cost, and much, much heavier. Porcelain on steel is also period correct, as many of the 40’s drainboard sinks were porcelain on steel. Weight and initial cost of cast iron are likely the biggest “deterrent” to going the extra mile and sending sinks off to Custom Ceramic Coatings in Illinois to have John re-porcelain them in a COLOR! I called John today to inquire about having a standard oval or round porcelain on steel bathroom sink done in PINK. His ballpark: about $250. Of course, there is shipping to pay each way, but the Bootz Industries sinks are about 22 lbs shipping weight vs. 46 lbs for the Kohler Tahoe (x 2 in my case). Can you tell I’m excited? If someone doesn’t want color and are on a very tight remodel budget, white is classic and these sinks fit the retro end game very well, especially for the most thrifty renovators.

The bathroom sinks are only available in oval or round, and only with 4″ centers. Bootz carries a fairly shallow depth single basin kitchen sink that is rectangular, and comes with 8″ center holes. So, if readers are really wanting rectangular for their bathroom and 8″ centers, I would suggest if they are re-doing a bath vanity, they could opt for kitchen depth cabinets (24″) and 36″ high and fit [Bootz’s] single basin kitchen sink in their bathroom instead. Standard bath vanity depth is 21″ and 30″ high, and this single basin kitchen model is right at 21″ depth, so would likely need a 24″ depth cabinet for proper fitting.

hudee-rim-sink-retroBathroom Sink # 1 cost ordered through HD Supply: Bootz Daisy 18″ round lavatory sink with 4 inch centers  $32.99, hudee ring for this sink $30.49. Total Cost: $63.48 (free shipping!) with Hudee Ring.

hudee-rim-sink-retroBathroom Sink # 2 cost ordered through HD Supply: Bootz Daffodil oval lavatory sink — 16″ x 19″ —  with 4 inch centers $34.09, Total Cost estimated: $64.58.

[Editor’s note: The metal rim for this oval sink in not listed on HD Supply’s website. We called customer service — who were fabulous! — and they said there is no part number for the ring in their system currently. They said that if you want this oval sink and need the ring, you must (1) set up an online account, then (2) call and ask for Special Orders. Have the part number for the sink handy; they will research getting the hudee ring. We bet you also could get the rim directly from Vance Industries, which is the company that manufacturers all the hudee rings, as far as we know.]

Three sources that make metal rim bathroom sinks:

Great find, T3 — and yes — HD Supply is a great source for retro remodeling bits and pieces. HD Supply is also where I found my affordable chrome backplates for her kitchen cabinets. Thanks for sharing the findings of your extensive detective work with us. Thanks to you we now have three sources for retro styled hudee rim bathroom sinks:

Finally, Pam notes that Bootz’s website lists colorful sink options for some of their non-hudee rim sinks. However, she contacted the company and was told that they have discontinued production of colored sinks and now only make white sinks. The marketing staff did say that there may be a few colored sinks sitting in the warehouse, so if you are on the hunt for one of the pastel-colored sinks shown on the website, give it a try — contact the company to see if they have any leftovers available. Alas, these are not hudee-rimmed, it appears… but you should ask!

  1. Grandma says:

    Grandson bought this 1964 house last fall; has original green tub and sink in main bath. Has anyone else ever heard of Rheem fixtures? I know they make water heaters, etc since we have one. The sink has a bit of rust (but not tub) and looking for a replacement, could not believe how much it would cost! For instance, this: http://asheville.craigslist.org/atq/5589995217.html which is the same as we have. Yikes!

    Square sinks w/hudees in the right color–very hard to find much of anything on Rheem, so will have to just deal with it. Don’t know about the toilets, both are white Gerber, but don’t know how old (not water savers, for sure).

  2. Ariane Watkins says:

    I just ordered the oval sink and the rim is in stock on their site. It’s Part #: 405080 for $32.99. This sure beats the similar rectangle Kohler sink for $250 + $63 rim.

    Hopefully that helps someone out there! 🙂

  3. Robin, NV says:

    How timely. My square Ming green bathroom sink is starting to get worn around the drain and I’m worried that it’s going to start rusting. Would I pay to have it re-porcelained? Heck yes!!

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Sink adventures! Thanks for the information, Tami, and thanks for posting it, Kate. I may have to go with a white hudee ring sink instead of the green I wanted.

    My sad story is that I finally found NOS Aspen Green Kohler cast iron sink on eBay, but unfortunately it was chipped in shipping. It is a beautiful color, in the avocado range but more like bayberry, from the 1970s, which fits in with the style of my new wing in my 1959 house.. I already have a toilet seat that color. The seller had another one, but it was round and not oval and just about 2 inches too large for my bathroom.

    I haven’t given up yet, and it isn’t an emergency, as we have a perfectly serviceable vanity top/sink and we have other projects to keep us busy. But you guys are the only ones who understand my pain at opening the box and seeing the chipped porcelain. Sigh. 🙁

    1. pam kueber says:

      Oh my word. The sadness of such stories. Your NEW OLD STOCK green sink sits patiently for decades waiting for its happy home. Finally “adopted.” Only to get chipped in shipping. I try not to anthropormorphize. But sometimes… it’s so sad…

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        The good news: The wonderful seller gave me a complete credit and told me to dump or donate the sink. At our town dump/transfer station, they took the chipped sink and recycled the cast iron. So the sink was saved from the landfill after all.

        The other good news: The retro gods have smiled on me. I found a supplier with a lot of NOS stuff, and have ordered a sink from him. Will let you know if it arrives in good condition and will then give you the name of the supplier, who deals exclusively in discontinued Kohler products.

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