More Karndean 12″x12″ vinyl tile floors with retro and retro-modern style

retro floor tileI’m not saying I love all the colors — most are too darn greige for me — but if you are looking for retro style vinyl floor tiles, remember to take a look at the Karndean. Above: The faux pebble design in these tiles kinda sorta remind me of 1970s floor tiles.

MX98-Web MX97-Web MX95-Web MX93-WebMX92-UmbrianNero-Bathroom-P_CMAbove:  These mosaic designs from Karndean are still one of my favorites.

Retro-blue-kitchen-floorI’ve featured these before, and we’ve had at least  one reader — that’s Jessica’s floor, above — use them in her house. If I were doing a three-seasons screen porch, for example, I would not hesitate to use these. These come as close as I have seen yet to our beloved Armstrong #5352 flooring in terms of look and feel. I wish we could get Karndean do to do this in brick color. That would be fabulous!

I was tidying up in the basement this past weekend, and came across the samples that Karndean sent me. It inspired me to go online to see if they had any new designs, and it seems yes, so hence today’s story.

MS2-Web MS2-NavarraChalk_OH_CM MS1-WebMS1-GalacianQuartz_OH_CMMS1-Galacian-Quartz-Comm-SQ2_CMAbove: More of that pebbly tile. This also has the look of concrete aggregate… maybe consider if you’re into retro-modern…

MLC01-WebMLC01-Tungsten_EstateAgents MLC07-Comet-Kitchen-LS MLC08-Atomic_OH_CM MLC08-Atomic-Bathroom-PAbove: And then there are these… retro-modern, for sure, rather than anything you would have likely seen back in the day. Still, interesting — and NOT faux granite and stone, which today seem to make up the bulk of the mainstream market. These vinyl tiles are also resilient: Much softer under foot than tile or concrete, long lasting (as far as I know) and should clean and shine up nice.

Now if the industry could just get beyond the broken record of depressing low-chroma greige undertones already. Please let it end soon. Please.

  1. Mindy Cook says:

    Very cool!! We moved into a 1950s home two years ago. The kitchen and laundry room have textured solid black vinyl. They have a flower print i have never seen before. We were able to learn the name because my husband found a box in the attic. They are kentile black magic fleurelle!! We are definitely keeping it. Everyone comments on them when they walk into the kitchen!!

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Bless those original home owners who left us little boxes of floor or wall tile! It is good when you have to replace one, but it also is part of the history of the house.

  2. Tikimama says:

    We just installed the floor in the aqua shade, 2nd sample photo from the top, in our kitchen! I had seen your article here about Jessica’s floor and fell in love. We only moved in on July 4th, and I’m recovering from surgery, so the house isn’t photo worthy yet. But I’ve been dreaming of the day I can send you photos of all the work we’ve done, much of it based on resources found here on Retro Renovation, of course! You know I’ve been a long-time fan 🙂 I will try to get the kitchen looking decent enough to take a photo. Our house was built in 1961, and the floor definitely looks like it could be original. Everyone who has seen it loves it (even though they’d probably end up putting brown/tan/beige/greige in their own home….sigh).

  3. Pat M says:

    Pam, Please comment on linoleum floors. I have it in my kitchen-laundry room-half bath, and I love it. Is it not in character for a mid-50s house?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Pat,

      I’ve written about lineoleum floors before — see all our research in our Kitchens/Flooring category. There are three sources in the U.S. that we’ve spotlighted.

      Yes, linoleum is good for a 1950s house. Although, most floors I see in 1950s kitchens are some sort of vinyl tile. Linoleum trended out after the war. Vinyl trended in. As far as I know. But it’s up to you.

      As I said in this story — these Karndeans channel later eras, in my view.

  4. shirley in memphis says:

    I have the Karndean Michelangelo tiles in the grayish bluey tan color in my kitchen. The walls are to be painted orange. My painter thought the floor was original to the house which was built in 1964. So I guess they reallly do look Mid Century.

      1. shirley in memphis says:

        I would be happy to. I had an orange kitchen for 20+ years in my old house and it always made me smile. It is such an overlooked color.

        1. pam kueber says:

          Burnt orange = my favorite color. Kate’s favorite color also is orange! We are birds of a(n) (orange) feather, in this instance!

  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I love the cobalt blue at the top of the first batch and the brown at the bottom. They are very ’70s and early 80s to me.

  6. Josie says:

    The Tuscan Red looks brick-colour to me? Or is that only on the Australian page?

    I don’t mind grey when it’s with colours like yellow or green to brighten it up. But if I’m doing a vinyl floor I’d really like something happy, a nice green would be great. For grey I would probably do whitewashed wood. Was it Betty Crafter who had an apple green vinyl kitchen floor? I rather loved that.

    I’d like a line of paler (yes, desaturated…greiged… but you’ll forgive me…) jade to celadon green or orchid-lilac too because I secretly long for ’30s glam. Wouldn’t that look delicious? Who’s going to make me a pale purple floor, damn it?!

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