Stash of NOS kitchen sink cabinet vents made by Washington Steel Products

After we featured where to buy the metal sink vent that Dawn used on her bathroom sink cabinet, the Retro Decorating Gods delivered unto Pam this ebay stash of NOS cabinet sink vents — including double-wide versions. Manufactured by Washington Steel Products of Tacoma, Washington, these were officially called “cabinet ventilating louvers.” The New Old Stock stash includes vents in a variety of sizes and colors. 

This is how they should look, once installed. Reader Brian believes these are original to his 1958 ranch house kitchen. Nice! Thank you, Brian, for giving us permission to show your photo!

vintage-bath-cabinet-ventFrom one of Heirloom Hardware’s listings:

This auction is for 1 new old stock unused primered gray steel louvered cabinet ventilating cover.  It comes pre-primered and can be painted any color of your choice. This would look nice in a vintage travel trailer, below the kichen sink or above the refrigerator.   Manufactured by washington steel products, inc., Tacoma washington, U.S.A. Louver size: height: 3-1/4″ , length: 17″ Opening size: height: 2-7/16″ , length: 14-1/4″

vintage-bath-cabinet-vent vintage-bath-cabinet-ventThis featured vent is primed only — so it can be painted to match the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. Heirloom Hardware also has a variety of other NOS vintage cabinet vents in finishes like silver, copper, black, gray, red, brass and bronze — in addition to loads of other vintage hardware goodies from the 40s through 60s.

vintage-bath-cabinet-vent vintage-bath-cabinet-ventAnother added bonus — this NOS cabinet ventilating louver comes in its original packaging — which is always fun to ogle.

vintage-bath-cabinet-ventMega thanks to Ebay seller okatiedid aka Heirloom Hardware for letting us feature these photos.

  1. Gary says:

    I suspect that we are the 21st century edition of Washington Products of Tacoma! Now located in Massillon, Ohio…. Washington Products stamp these Cabinet Ventilating Louvers out of decades old tooling! Made from Stainless Steel, they look exactly like the louvers in the photo from Brian’s kitchen and are produced several times each year!

  2. Neil says:

    Dear Pam,
    As per usual, you and the Ret-Dec-Gods have brought a minor miracle to pass. Now, may I suggest as the next miracle an unlimited source for Virtue Bros. NOS chrome/cracked-ice dinette sets? Or even just an inexhaustible source for vintage NOS cracked-ice vinyl in six different colors (with free shipping)? And, while you’re lighting that altar candle, you might slip in a suggestion for………well I guess I’ll leave that one for next time.

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