A colorful galaxy of Spaghetti Lights — 2 shapes, 4 colors, 5 sizes

retro acrylic spaghetti lightThis one is a real coup — the first photos in the blogosphere of Practical Props’ new spaghetti globe and orb lights — in fact, they took the photos at our urging. Yes, Practical Props, makers of some of our favorite reproduction cone and sputnik lights, has just added a colorful galaxy of spun acrylic globe and ellipse pendant lights to their lineup. These shades are made by a local artist who handcrafts them using the same techniques used to craft the 1960s and 70s originals. Vintage spaghetti lights are relatively difficult to find vintage — and they can be quite expensive — so having authentic reproductions so easy at hand is groovy to the max!  

Currently, Practical Props is the only place we know of that sells new spun acrylic spaghetti lights. Pam spotted one lonely example on the website… and asked me to reach out to Practical Props to get the low down on these new lights. The company told us:

Our elliptical acrylic pendants are handmade by a local artist who uses the same techniques as the vintage ‘spaghetti lights’, spinning acrylic in different shapes and sizes. We then custom-make these pieces into pendants for our customers with chrome or brass hardware. Our pendants can be made with rod hardware like our Sputniks, or with chain and cord wired to plug in, the vintage ’swag’ style. The most popular version is the ellipse shape, but they are also available in fully-round globe shapes and in custom colors.

retro acrylic spaghetti lightSpun acrylic globes in orange, gray, clear, and yellow.

Spun acrylic ellipses in orange, gray, clear, and yellow.

Chain Hardware is available in Polished Brass, Chrome, and Vintage Bronze finishes – Includes 36″ of chain and ceiling mount hardware.

Rod Hardware is available in Satin Brass, Chrome, and Satin Nickel finishes – Includes a custom rod up to 24” and ceiling mount hardware.

retro acrylic spaghetti light

Each fixture takes a single bulb, 60 watt maximum – we recommend using clear bulbs to increase the sparkling effect of the spun acrylic!

Other colors are available for special order. Each fixture is handmade, so colors may vary slightly.

retro acrylic spaghetti lightAbove, from left: 12” orange globe with brass chain , 24” gray elipse with satin nickel rod, 18” red elipse with brass rod, 18” orange elipse with brass chain, 12” clear globe with chrome rod hardware.
retro acrylic spaghetti lightAbove: 15” yellow globe pendant with retro bronze swag hardware.. Designed with a plug and switch to be hung as a swag in the retro style. Any of Practical Prop’s fixtures can be made with a chrome or brass swag for an additional fee.

YELLOW! Our 2015 Retro Renovation Color of the Year! 

retro acrylic spaghetti lightAbove: 18” Ellipse pendant in orange with polished brass chain hardware.

retro acrylic spaghetti lightAbove: 24” Elipse pendant in gray, shown with satin nickel hardware.

retro acrylic spaghetti light retro acrylic spaghetti lightAbove: details of spun acrylic texture – handmade retro pendants.

I neeeeeed to get at least one of these when I  build my home tiki bar! Pam also asked me to remind everyone that these globe lights are not to be placed under stepladders, as she learned after the bone-breaking Tiki Decorating Incident of 2014.

Who else is in?
Which color and shape will you buy?

Disclosure: Practical Props has just signed on as an advertiser on the blog — but this story is not “part of the deal.” They sold so many double cones when we wrote this round-up story that they got a taste of “the Retro Renovation bump” and signed right up! 🙂

      1. Pam Kueber says:

        Note, I am STILL seeing them on Practical Props’ website! You just need to work the categories… they are pendant lights.

  1. Beth says:

    Trying to find spaghetti shade for ceiling recessed light, not a hanging swag light. Saucer shape, orange or yellow preferred. Thanks

  2. Gerry says:

    I just looked on the Practical Props site and no spaghetti lights to be found. I have not emailed them to see if they are a special order.

      1. Gerry says:

        Della from Practical Props replied to my email that the spaghetti lights are too fragile to ship. They are still availble for pick up at the store.

  3. Detroit Cajun says:

    I would recommend using an LED bulb in these lamps, as they do not emit heat. More costly than an incandescent bulb, but well worth it to preserve these beautiful lamp shades.

  4. Scott says:

    I’d say the 60 watt limit is not a determent in the least as I have a table lamp with a massive spaghetti globe base that is pretty spectacular when illuminated by just a 7 watt nightlight bulb.

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