The Dish Quik dishwasher — our 5th soap+water dishwashing wand

vintage dish quick sprayer faucetPam keeps close daily tabs on her 200 ebay saved searches daily for one reason in particular — woddity spotting! Last week, she spotted this new one — a vintage Dish Quik dishwashing wand. This is our fourth fifth example of a hand-held dishwasher that mixes and then delivers water and soap so that you can spray, scrub and then, with a push of a different button, rinse. 

vintage dish quick sprayer faucet
You put the soap in this cup. It gets mixed with the hot water when you push the button…. to rinse, let up on the button. At least that’s how we estimate it would work.

Thanks to ebay seller salesational for permission to feature these photos and information.

vintage dish quick sprayer faucet

Vintage Dish Quik Faucet Dishwasher Sprayer Dishmaster Style Used WITHOUT Box

vintage dish quick sprayer faucet *** Extremely Rare On Ebay! ***

vintage dish quick sprayer faucetBoy ol’ Boy,…doesn’t this take you back about 50 or so years ago! Can you imagine having this sprayer/sudser sitting on your kitchen sink….just imagine all the INCREDIBLE compliments you would get for having such a vintage kitchen sink item! You will certainly entertain when your guests enter your kitchen and behold this rare gem!

10″ Long. The hose opening is 3/4″ Diameter. The Sudsing Cap 1 1/4″ Long by 3/4″ Diameter.

USED. Not sure if it still works or not? It looks like it does to my untrained and non-plumber eye. It is a little dusty and there are some scratches/scuffs in a few places – but boy does it still look GREAT after all these decades! Also, the advertising logo for “Dish Quik” is slightly worn off. The suds cap still screws on and off very easily.

Three more sink-top dishwashers:

  1. Mag says:

    It’s so interesting to see all of these because, even though I was born in 1968, and my parents were born in the 1920’s & 1930’s neither they, nor anyone else they visited regularly, had these. I’ll have to ask my mother (who is 80), and my mother-in-law (who is almost 84) to comment on these kitchen sink technologies. I will try to post what they have to say.

  2. Joe Felice says:

    This resembles the sprayer I use to wash my car, which, of course, is larger. I’m sure this one still works, as there really isn’t anything inside to go wrong. It just passes water through, like any sprayer. It sounds like it comes with a hose that attaches to what used to be the sprayer. But I’m wracking my brain to recall if faucets had a separate sprayer off to the side back then. If they did, that must have been rare, because I cannot recall that. This is yet another mid-century device that was ahead of its time, as so-many things were.

  3. Pablo PinkCasa says:

    Love the ad, Katie! Doubly cool to see that she’s happily cleaning Franciscan Autumn Leaves, to boot!

    1. Jay says:

      Thanks for that finding the ad; matter of fact, all the ads were neat. I could sure go for one of those today. I am one of those nuts that cleans the plates and bowls before placing them in the dish washer. I use a long handled brush under running water.

    2. Judy says:

      Wow have times changed…in several ways. I clicked on the ad link that Katie B gave. I was reading the ads all the way down to the bottom and there is an article about a Mr. Weaver. It shows a picture of him and his 5 year old daughter, Susan in a pool. I had to reread that the child pictured was a girl. She has bottoms on and no top. You would never see that now a days. We have lost a lot of sweet innocence. It’s a shame.

  4. midmichigan says:

    Very cool find, the soaping feature is a great idea. I wonder if this would screw onto the end of a sprayer hose. Maybe you could get an adapter at a hardware store. In the 50’s we had a Dishmaster and when automatic dishwashers became more of the norm in the 60’s the Dishmasters weren’t as popular.

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