vintage dinette setThis may be the most beautiful pristine-condition vintage dinette we have ever seen. Why? Seller Sue of Yesterday’s Treasures in Fenton, Michigan says the owner had no children. There’s an idea for ya. Thanks to reader Stacy for this tip — we are drooling big time.

vintage dinette setIt’s not soooo hard to find table in great shape like this. But chairs — they get beat up. With no weebits climbing over these beauties, they remained in tip top shape.

And woah, are they spectacular: With rich-colored red flowers printed right on to the mother-of-pearl vinyl. Peeps, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The table measures 42″ x 52″ with an additional 17 1/4″ leaf, six chairs.

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  1. marnie hendrickson says:

    I love this dinette set! I recently got my beautiful red chrome set from my grandmother but am still looking for replacement red rubber leg tips for the chairs. Most of mine are cracked or broken or lost. Any suggestions?

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