macrame folding screenEver since Pam spotted the giant macrame “The Owl” by artist Andy Harman, she’s been thinking a lot about macrame. In the 1970s, she was quite the macramaniac herself, she wants us to know. So you can imagine her delight when she spotted this vintage macrame folding screen for sale by coolhomeretro 

macrame room divider screenWe’d never seen a folding screen like this, but then Pam went googling and found this one and then this 1975 book and this one too, both on ebay with instructions. What what a great idea — especially for rooms with limited space for wall hangings. This room divider would instantly add a lot of textural interest to any space.

From the ebay listing:

VERY COOL piece. Vintage unrestored condition – but nice and ready to use. Some glue residue on some of the ropes – see pics… but that might be a factory thing as I do not see any signs of a repair there. 84 inches tall and each panel is 24 wide.  Overall spread up to around 69 inches.

macramemacrameIf you know how to macrame, this divider would be a fun project to make yourself, don’t you think?

[Editor Pam says: Just looks like a bunch of square knots — with some half hitches thrown in — to me… easy… but… “some therapy.” Yeah, maybe I’ll try it — after I finish the 37,597 other projects on my to-do list. Oh, and please, peeples, do not go posting links to Pinterest in your comments. Pinterest IS NOT A SOURCE. Only post links to ORIGINAL SOURCES. Yes, I’m screaming, you would be, too, if you lived my life re: this issue.]

macrameMega thanks to ebay seller coolhomeretro for allowing us to feature this groovy macrame screen.

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  1. virginia says:

    Gorgeous screen work! Congrats. I love room dividers and have three up and running in our house. Very useful always and fun to play with when furniture rearranging time comes around. Looming and macrame work both seem to be in vogue.

  2. tammyCA says:

    I’m slightly obsessed with vintage room dividers (always in old movies) & wish I had a place for them.
    This one looks like it’d fit right into the current Boho Moroccan vibe…another style I love. I’m seeing more vintage macrame in stylists blogs..everything old is new & cool again.

  3. Laurie Louise says:

    Our house came with a macramé mantle! The second owner told me his wife made it. I offered it to him for his kids, but he said they wouldn’t be interested. We took it down because our early 60s fireplace looks better without it, but someday I hope to find it a good home. It’s solid wood hanging from four macramé ropes, complete with giant beads.

  4. Leslie says:

    I remember the macrame craze in the 70’s, my Mother took a course and suddenly there was marcrame everywhere…lol. She made a hanging side table for the rec room. It had wooden dowel accents and was really nice. I think these still hold up today.

    1. Bobbie says:

      WOW! We also had the macramé hanging side table with glass top. Actually, my parents still have it, though not currently hanging. It had this great fringe that went all the way to the floor, and when I was a kid I would crawl in and hide in there — like a little fort with a sky-light. Fun memories!

  5. Robin, NV says:

    When I was in middle school in the mid 80s, we did macrame projects in sewing class. Even then, macrame was definitely on the way out but you could still find macrame projects at craft stores. I really enjoyed the process of making decorative objects with yarn. My project was a plant hangar, of course! 😀

  6. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Not much to say except, “Groovy to the Max!” When I lived in New York during the late 60s, I saw a lot of folding screens used in small apartments–to give some privacy to a sleeping space, to block off a view of the kitchenette during a dinner party, etc. Besides macrame, there were also screens with Marimekko fabric stretched on them.

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