11 Ideas to decorate a pink and green tile bathroom

pink and green vintage bathroomvintage pink bathroom decorFor our penultimate presentation of 99 ideas to decorate a pink bathroom, let’s explore the less common  — but yes, we’ve seen it! — combination of pink and light green tile. This can be a difficult look to pull off since it can be hard to find accessories like shower curtains and towels in just the right shade of green in vintage tiles — which can vary from Ming to mint. I know this from experience, since I have a circa-1963 mint green vintage bathroom. When I was searching for a coordinating green shower curtain, I realized that most of the greens available in bathroom decor these days are too yellow, making for a decor challenge. 

vintage pink and green bathroomTo get started, I used pink field tile from B&W… and a Bahama Pink toilet from Gerber. I mocked up the green bullnose using a color in Photoshop. If you are designing a pink-and-green tile bathroom like this from scratch, B&W has a nice minty green #40W.

For the towels featured in all these design boards, I shopped the large variety of colors available at The Company Store.

Pink and green bathroom ideas that start with the pattern in wallpaper:

vintage pink and green bathroom1940s feminine — Several readers have reported great difficulty finding textiles such as shower curtains available today with the right shade of green to match the green tile or fixtures in their vintage bathrooms. If you find this to be a problem, your best bet may be to go with vintage wallpaper produced during the same time frame as your tiles or fixtures. 1940s Ming green in the  bathroom? Look for 1940s wallpaper. 1960s minty green — yup, 1960s wallpaper. Like today, pattern designers matched their colors to the popular fixture and tile colors of the day — so going vintage, and you should easily find a perfect match. My first selection, this 1940s wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures looks like a good fit. Paired with a plain white shower curtain and pink and mint green towels, it creates a rich vintage look for this bathroom.

vintage pink and green bathroomTaupe-iary 50s — This vintage 1950s botanical wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures gives the room a fresh feel and really pumps up the green surface area in the space, making a more even mix between the pink and green complementary colors. Finishing off the space is a plain white shower curtain and light pink and taupe towels.

vintage pink and green bathroomSwimming idly by — While this vintage fish wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures does have a grid pattern, the grid is different enough from the bathroom wall tiles so that it doesn’t feel too rigid. The pink and minty green fish, shells and seaweed floating around on the pattern keep the room feeling playful. A plain white shower curtain and pink and mint green towels round out the space.

vintage pink and green bathroomTime to flamin-go — Here’s another look that adds quite a bit more green to the space — this birdy wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures features some of our favorite foul. Paired with a pale yellow solid shower curtain and pink and yellow towels, the space feels happy and energetic decked out in delicious pastel colors.

vintage pink and green bathroomA grand garden pink — The bold pattern of this intensely colored 1950s wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures gives this pink and green bathroom a more formal, grown up feeling. The multiple shades of green found in the paper work well with the mint green tile, adding depth and interest while acting as a complementary color to the pink tile. A simple white shower curtain and coordinating pink and dark green towels give the space a cohesive look.

vintage pink and green bathroomWhat’s so ferny — Finally, for a lighter feel, this vintage fern wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures makes the space feel light and airy. Wispy ferns in mint green, white and pink sway on a slightly darker green background, which complements the pink tile walls nicely. A simple white shower curtain with pink and mint green towels round out the look.

vintage pink and green bathroom

Take a dip: Reader Robin, NV designed this refreshing pink and green bathroom using 1950s wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures, paired with a simple white shower curtain and white and pink towels.

bradbury-googielandAbove: Some readers also have had luck with Bradbury’s Googieland in Ivory paper — which has a pink and a green in its designs. Of course, with any wallpaper, you are going to order samples before committing, so that you can check the color match to your tile.

Pink and green bathroom mood boards that start with the pattern in a shower curtain:

vintage pink and green bathroomLush gardens: It can be very difficult to find modern day shower curtains with vintage green hues in them — so instead of trying to match minty-Ming-y greens exactly, I looked for a green that was predominately a cool green. This flowery shower curtain has a cool green background (more blue than yellow) with flowers in two shades of pink and some warm green (more yellow than blue) leaves and works pretty well with the mint green tile. To further inject the green of the shower curtain throughout the room, the wall is painted to match the curtain, and light pink and medium green towels are added to finish off the look.

vintage pink and green bathroomStrawberry shake: For a fun and light feeling, why not try this white with black polka dot shower curtain? Painting the walls a light minty green, several shades lighter than the tile and adding coordinating pink and mint green towels keeps the space feeling playful and easy.

pink and green vintage bathroomA day at the fair: Get reminded of your childhood days spent at the state fair with this sky glider shower curtain. A sunny yellow wall color helps you re-imagine that summer day, while cotton candy pastel pink and mint green towels finish off the look. Seriously, isn’t this one fun?

vintage pink on greenMad mod: Reader Elisabeth sent us this mad mod inspired pink and green bathroom design featuring goodies that can all be found at Ikea — including a colorful patterned shower curtain, matching towels in patterned print and white, a yellow round wall mirror and some abstract art for the wall, all set against a turquoise wall color.

Now it’s your turn!

pink and green vintage bathroom

Want to help us create design board ideas for a pink and gray tile bathroom? Here’s how:

  • Use the image above as the basis for your design board.
  • Pam uses Powerpoint to create her design boards – it’s good for putting photos side-by-side – but use whatever program you like to arrange your design board. We’ve also created this image of complete page that you can start with, if you’d like – just save it and insert into Powerpoint to get started fast.
  • It’s okay if your board is kinda messy: I will take what you send us and reformat it. We’ll then add the reader design boards to this story, and likely, in a big followup story.
  • Find your wall treatment and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info to your source material
  • Find your shower curtain and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Find your bath towels and any other decor items and add them — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Give your design a title (include your own name if you like)
  • Save as a PDF and email to us at retrodesigndilemma@gmail.com. Please put all info in one email.
  • All terms of use apply, be sure to read them

Coming up next: Ideas for a pink-tile-with-blue-trim bathroom.

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      1. Ruby Julian says:

        That site clearly does not know a good thing when it’s right there. Props, though, to Luke Perry for not demolishing his terrific retro bathrooms.

  1. Cindy says:

    I just purchased a post & beam house built in 1958 and it has a pink bathroom (yippee!) with mint green tiles. I would love to find an ‘atomic print’ shower curtain but those I see online all seem to trend more to aqua than mint green. Anyone think it could still work?

  2. tammyCA says:

    Love the flamingo & swan paper and also the day at the fair.. Colors of saltwater taffy candy or those little puff pillow mints in “grandma’s candy dish”. I also really like the grand garden wallpaper..very ’40s.

  3. Trish says:

    Time to flamin-go is awesome! It’s my favorite wallpaper on Hannah’s Treasures – it was definitely made for a pink tile bathroom!

    1. Kathy in San Leandro says:

      That’s the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Sky Glider! What a wonderful amusement park. And I would love to have that on my shower curtain, even if I don’t have a pink and green bathroom.

    2. Robin, NV says:

      I love the sky glider too! I may have to order it for my bathroom.

      Pink and minty green is one of my favorite combos.

    3. Tami Bayus says:

      Before I start, I would like to note that I have wanted a pink bathroom my whole life. Now that I have one, I also have quite the dozy of a project. THREE original tile colors. Pink wall tile and floor tile, green-blue fixtures, and black tile trim. Yes- all the fixtures- tub, toilet, and sink. Practically my whole house is pristine and from1955. I love it but each time I think I have a new idea, I scrap it because I’m worried it’ll look too busy. Help!

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