Kara Vallow’s Bicentennial Chic kitchen remodel — winner of The Hard Way Award – Kitchens for 2015

bicentennial chic kitchenOkay, so this has got me to chuckling to no end. Howdy hudee, the votes are in (thank you, readers) and the winner of our The Hard Way Award for Kitchens 2015 is Kara Vallow’s Bicentennial Chic deelite. The super creative Vallow — a producer, animator, artist and writer known for her work on “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” — wanted to recreate her warm fuzzy childhood memories of growing up in the 1970s during America’s Bicentennial fever in Philadelphia. “I am just not a cocktail chic girl,” she told us, “nor am I a spare and stark Dwell dweller at heart. I’m more hokey pokey than Swingers, and I find perverse comfort and nostalgia in the anachronistic, 1960s does 1780’s design style…” We gave her kudos — and so did voters — for tapping into this iconic style and reinventing it for her kitchen in a fresh, beautiful and functional way.

  1. Susan says:

    I’ve kept coming back to read about this remodel. I love the homey feel and warmth. It’s been a big inspiration in following my heart, rather than the latest trends, in planning my own kitchen redo. Well done, Kara!

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