youngstown-kitchen-cabinetsPick me up off the floor!!!! In the latest episode of our current favorite binge-watching saga, ebay seller nomoredrama4me — Stephanie — sent me this photo yesterday. She calls it Cabinet Mountain, I call it Youngstown Mountain. Yes: Within the warehouse full of New Old stock Hardware store stuff (affiliate link) awaited a mountain o’ steel.

How many cabinets? The original pile measured 40 feet wide… 35 feet deep… 8 feet high.

A few weeks ago, when I first got wind of these, I got on the phone with Stephanie to get more info on this stash. I suggested to her that to sell them, she would need to get them well organized, measured, and checked for any damage. Probably even: Take them out of their boxes so’s potential buyers could see. Like Ben did here, with all the 1948 NOS Youngstowns he found, and which ended up in a museum. But I also told her: Don’t throw out the boxes. The boxes are awesome.

All this week, Stephanie has been working on organizing everything, with the help of her family — that’s daughter Lilly scaling the mountain in the photo. At last count, there were 63 cabinets + countertops (uncounted, I have no photos, can’t wait to see!) plus sinks (ditto, eagerly awaiting.)

monterey-cabinets-by-youngstown-756x1024A number of the cabinet boxes are marked Monterey. But the doors aren’s wood. They are nubbly textured steel doors painted. Painted Sandalwood. There are blue cabinets, too. And, Stephanie said that yesterday, they uncovered some Whirlpool steel kitchens cabinets. We don’t even have Whirlpools on our list! New discovery!

Stay tuned. More photos to come. This is just a sneak peek. Youngstown Mountain!

See what’s come out of the NOS warehouse so far…

To see all the other items coming out of the warehouse daily, go to the following (all affiliate links):

So, who else’s heart went pitter patter KABOOM!
when they saw that first photo of Youngstown Mountain?

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  1. kaylynuke says:

    My great-grandma installed our white steel Beautycrafts in 1947, and I’ve yet to find anyone local who can refinish them *OR* my 1941 Grand gas range that she installed. It’s getting frustrating enough that I’m starting to think these sure to be expensive NOSs popping up lately will be worth it.

    1. Betsy in Michigan says:

      Car body places will often do repainting of metal cabinets/furniture. Before I found my place that specializes in re-doing metal outdoor furniture (but is happy to do other items), I used a couple of different auto painters (different sides of the state).

    2. Lisa Compo says:

      I found a set of three old Youngstowns at our ReStore a few years ago. They were painted several times, brush marks etc…structurally sound with original handles, but unattractive. I stripped them myself with chemicals I won’t mention. (Precautionary Pam wouldn’t approve here). 🙂
      But a small local auto body shop did a beautiful job painting them inside and out a glossy white for $120. They looked brand new and I was so proud I cried a little. It’s worth making some phone calls. Sometimes they are looking for small jobs once the winter auto wrecks are over.

    3. AnnF says:

      Check out Belgrove Appliances in Westchester, NY for old stove restoration. They are at or you can call 914 664 5231 and ask for the stove lady.

  2. Kathy says:

    I am willing to get in line because I am still considering whether I can save my time capsule house kitchen cabinets, but “heck yeah” I would seriously go for the Sandalwood…with that Hitchcock dining set. What a treasure trove! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Penny says:

    Originally I posted this comment to the article about the other wonderful find of Youngstown cabinets. I’ve tailored it to fit this INCREDIBLE article.

    Like the rest of you, I am drooling over the cache of cabinets described in this article. What a find!!! How I would love a few to use for the downstairs satellite kitchen I’m planning on putting in in our current 50s house in Denver. This house is in a cutesy-cottage architectural style and not suitable for having the main kitchen remodeled in retro 50s style.

    Here’s a question for you all:
    I have a turquoise GE stove in VERY GOOD working condition (with one of those deep well cooker places). It’s in my (deceased) m-i-law’s 1950s house in a smaller city in another state (Idaho).
    Because we aren’t living there, we need to sell the house (it’s unoccupied). From what I have observed, it’s not an area where midcentury modern houses are appreciated for the gems they are.
    I don’t want to leave the stove with the house thinking that the new owner will prize it, like I do, then find out that they have junked it. (Sound of my heart breaking here.)
    I’d rather take the stove out, replace it with a modern one and bring the old stove to Denver to try to sell, or use myself somehow. I do have a truck & trailer I could use for transporting the stove, but am I delusional/irrational/crazy?
    (Before you ask, I don’t think I can get the stove down the strange stairs to the basement here.)

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        You say “[retro] crazy” like it’s a bad thing, Penny. 🙂

        But an idea about the stove: ask the real estate agents in the area what the rules are in that state about leaving appliances with a house when it is sold. Here in Connecticut, an installed appliance, such as an under-the-counter dishwasher must go with the home, but other appliances such as electric stoves and refrigerators do not have to. The seller makes a list stating which items one is including in the sale of the house and which items one is not including. (For example, when we sold our last house, we specified that the dishwasher and stove went with the house but the refrigerator and washer and dryer did not.) If you are able to make such a list, you can say the stove is not included but will be replaced with a new one of the buyers choice (specify the upper price limit of the new one) if the buyer wishes. That way, if the buyer is crazy about the stove, he or she can ask that it be included in the negotiated deal and/or offer to pay extra for it.

        If the state real estate regulations require that all appliances be included in the sale of the house, you can do what you suggested–replace the stove now and take the turquoise one out.

        Before you do anything with the stove, however, you might stage the kitchen so that it contains retro items that seem to go with the turquoise stove–Pyrex “Butterprint” casserole dishes, vases, a table set with vintage china in that color. Then ask the real estate agent to give you a heads up about how the stove is discussed in people who come to the first showings and open houses. Do most people say, “Ugh, the kitchen needs updating. What an ugly old stove,” or do they say to their spouses, “Oh, look, a vintage turquoise stove! This would go with our chrome and Formica kitchen set!” If the stove is getting too many negative comments, you can have it taken out and stored in the garage or somewhere nearby. Replace it with a newer used stove or something with minor flaws from a “scratch and dent” store. Then you can wait until you have a genuine offer to negotiate whether the buyer wants the stove removed or put back in the kitchen.

        Also, you can have your agent take down the name and number of anyone who comes through for a showing and who is crazy about the stove but not necessarily the house. That way you can sell it locally if the buyer wants it gone.

        Good luck!

        1. Penny says:

          Mary Elizabeth! I love your suggestions!
          I do already have some of the vintage turquoise Pyrex ware at the house, and just last week at a yard sale here in Denver I bought a chrome & grey Formica kitchen/dining table (with leaf) in wonderful condition. ($60 – I would not sell that with the house, unless I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse.)
          I also have a good collection of Fiesta china in turquoise that is already at the other house. Plus Betty’s vintage linens, including aprons are all still there. I even think I have a part set of vintage silverplate silverware, at least enough to set at the table.
          Unfortunately the housing market in that part of Idaho is stagnant. That house would sell as is for a minimum of $300,000 probably with multiple offers, here in Denver, but there we’d be happy to net $100,000.
          I’ll ask the Realtor about the appliance go/stay question.
          The kitchen counters are topped with turquoise linoleum which is in very good condition except behind the sink. We are going to have the cupboards repainted. There is (disgusting) carpet on the kitchen/dining area floor and we think 12″ black & white squares will work best instead.
          I am so torn about having to sell this house, you can tell.

          1. Mary Elizabeth says:

            Yes, we can all tell! You want the house (not just the stove) to find a loving owner. I felt that way about the home I sold, too, and it was nowhere near as cool as your mother-in-law’s sounds. You can only try to make it homey and inviting for the buyer, then you have to let go.

  4. Nadine Buterbaugh says:

    I am so excited! need to redo my early 50’s kitchen so badly, I will be looking at Stephanie’s site every day!

  5. Kim says:

    I am restoring Youngstown cabinets in a 1923 bungalow I recently purchased. I need an emblem for underneath the sink. I have contacted Stephanie, but she hasn’t come across one yet (although I’m hopeful she’ll find one.) Anyone else have an idea of where I could get one? If anyone has a cabinet that is irreparable, would you mind cutting off the emblem and sharing it with me? I’d happily pay for it. Please!!! I’m desperate.

  6. Judy Treat says:

    So interested in these cabinets! I’m in the final planning stages for my new kitchen. I’m inadmfsrm house and would love to have metal vs. wood. Anxiously awaiting these being posted for sell.

  7. Vicki LeResche says:

    Hi Stephanie! LOVE the cabinet mountain with you on the peak! 🙂 My kitchen is progressing nicely; the Youngstown Meridien blue cabinets we were able to buy from you are going to look AWESOME!! I hope your effort to go through all of your NOS is going well. Vicki

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