Need a shower base? Consider Corian Silver Birch — a customizable proxy for terrazo

terrazzo look alike dorianResponding to our story spotlighting Fiat terrazzo shower bases in 30 sizes and shapes, super-commenter ineffablespace shared this tip: Do you like the look of terrazzo but can’t quite find the right size in a prefab shower base? Consider having a custom shower base fabricated for you out of Corian ‘Silver Birch.’

Corian shower baseIneffablespace writes:

If by any chance, they (Fiat) don’t have the size you need, you need something that weighs a little less, or you need something with a particularly customized shape, Corian Silver Birch makes a decent stand-in for the typical shower pan appearance – just more dark grey rather than black particulate. The price differential looks like it wouldn’t be much, depending upon the fabricator. I sent these pictures to the fabricator to show the work installed: Shower pan — walls are vertically coved as well. This is the entire width of the bathroom, 48″.

Corian countertop with bevel

Cove detail repeated on vanity top — the wall tile here is also coved vertically. (We will be putting in a rubber gasket to conceal the frame of the cabinet at the bottom of the grommet hole. The faucet is Kohler Taboret (discontinued 2015), designed in the 1960s or 1970s. You can see, since the cove is fabricated, not poured, an area where the particulate is not the same. This doesn’t really read that much when you look at the top in person.

We love the look of the Corian shower base — and that you made the vanity top with integral sink matchy-matchy — and oooooh, those coved pieces of tile in the corners of the shower and sink — genius! Mega thanks for the tip and the photos, ineffablespace!

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  1. Virginia says:

    That’s a very good point! My daughter and I are addicted to home improvement shows, so we see all those people demanding granite countertops (or occasionally quartz). But I don’t often read design magazines. That will change, of course, if and when we start planning another remodel!

  2. What a great product for showers that need special sizes. So many of the projects we do require unique shower base sizes, this will be a nice solution to fix that issue in the future.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Wanted to pop in thank ineffablespace for the tip on Corian. I found a fabricator and installer for shower bases just 45 min from our house. He is working up a quote now. I am also going to talk to Fiat from an earlier link to spec out their product too.

    We have purchased a 1959 home from an original owner with a2 bathrooms – 1 is a master bath pink striped bathroom and the other is a hallway pink & Ming Green bathroom (complete with perfect condition pink glitter formica vanity!). The pink bathroom tilework is STUNNING but the shower floor (terrazzo) is lovely but major cracks. We don’t use that shower, but I would love to because the pink is wonderful.

    In talking to quite a few pros, the bottom row of pink tile in the shower will need to come off to get the terrazzo base out, so I am trying to source pink tiles (some sample times from Claysquared are due to come in today!). This will be a long process, yet thoughtful to keep with the house design since we are in no rush.

    Thanks again to everyone!

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