Kate’s new Vornado “Vintage” VFans — now available in 4 sizes, 4 colors

retro fanEver since our story about Vornado’s VFANs based on Richard Ten Eyck’s 1945 design, I’ve been pining for one. So when heat and humidity returned to Wisconsin for the summer, I casually mentioned my want to my husband. He is a self-heated furnace of a man year round, and instantly agreed it would be a good purchase. So I went on Amazon (affiliate link) to order one and discovered that Vornado now offers four sizes and four colors of this retro fabulous fan.  vintage fan

I initially wanted this fan to sit on our dresser and circulate air in our bedroom to help us sleep more comfortably, so I decided that the VFAN Jr. would be a good choice for this smallish room where we just wanted a little breeze to help us drift off to sleep.
vintage fanNext I noticed that in addition to the Green, Red and Chrome color options that were initially offered by Vornado, they had also added a nice Vintage White color, which fit in best with the color scheme in our bedroom — VFAN Jr. in Vintage White it is!

retro fanThe Vornado VFAN Jr. in Vintage White is super cute and is perfect perched on the edge of our Broyhill Brasilia dresser in our bedroom. It has two speed settings — low and high — and is almost silent on low yet generates that gentle breeze we were hoping for without any trouble at all. The fan itself feels very substantial, well made and is really a thing of beauty, especially for a midcentury loving girl like myself.

retro fanBefore we set up the fan in our bedroom however, we decided to test it out in our large living/dining room space first. Our fan arrived just as the late afternoon sun was beating onto the large windows in this room on an oppressively humid day. With the fan set on high, we noticed an immediate cooler feeling — even this small VFAN Jr. was able to generate refreshing air movement in our large room. For how small this fan is, I was totally impressed by the amount of air it can move!

retro fanThe following evening, which was equally warm and humid, when we settled down into our living room for the night, we were sadly missing the VFAN Jr. that had been moved to our bedroom. After a brief discussion, we decided to order yet another VFAN — this time the original size — to keep us comfortably cool in our main living space.  

retro fanI decided to go for the red this time — quite an attractive paint job if I do say so myself.

retro fanWe decided on the next size up so we could have the extra fan speed and since the VFAN Jr. did a pretty good job of cooling our living space on the high setting, we figured the next size up would work well on medium speed, which is still quite quiet and not disruptive while watching TV, though even the highest setting is not terribly loud. 

retro fanI’ve had these fans for several weeks now and we use them every day and night. I’ve really noticed a difference in the comfort level of our home, especially during hot, humid days. Even when the AC is not on, the house feels much cooler and fresher because of the air circulation these two small fans provide. It is safe to say that I’m ‘a huge fan’ of these vintage Vornado VFANs.

  1. Thomas Welles says:

    We bought the VFAN SR. Pedestal in green. All metal construction, beautiful design and functions very well. Everyone keeps asking where did we find a vintage fan in such good condition.

  2. ninakf says:

    big one is $99 and the big stand on is $199 at Bed Bath & Beyond. My local store had plenty in stock

  3. Karen S. says:

    I found the VFAN at Bed, Bath and Beyond last year in the green. It is built like a tank and really moves the air. The green is PERFECT! I would love to buy the pedestal in white for my bedroom.

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