Streaky jaspe style vinyl sheet flooring — could be great for a retro-modern home

raeburn flooringObsessively searching to find new vinyl flooring for my basement, I ran into this new design — “Raeburn” from IVC’s Flexitech @ Work Collection Astro series. I love how IVC has reimagined the classic streaky jaspe vinyl tile into this larger polygons-into-square design. The color looks pretty nice too — I am a beige person, not a gray person, and there’s been a real dearth of beige in the market for the last 5-8 years. This flooring is an IVC Commercial flooring and comes in 13’2″ widths — nice! I would call this a nice choice for a retro-modern home. Nice floor!

rm_raeburn_591Oh, and for those of you who prefer gray, they have that too.

Remember: When looking for flooring options, be sure to check the commercial section of manufacturers’ websites! Big roundup: 25 companies that make flooring — cork, linoleum and vinyl — suitable for a midcentury house.

  1. scs3000 says:

    I realize I’m commenting pretty late on this, but has anyone checked into pricing for this “Raeburn” pattern? Thanks!

  2. Lynne says:

    This pattern is a little busy for me. I like the Marble and Vanderbilt better.

    Our basement s on the “to do” list, but I am considering cork for the flooring.

  3. Robin, NV says:

    Cool looking flooring! Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re going with sheet flooring as opposed to VCT tile? I love the old basements with VCT in fun colors and patterns. Especially the ones set up for shuffleboard, lol.

    1. Holland VanDieren says:

      Hi Robin —
      May I chime in on your question? I’ve been a vinyl-sheet-or-tile girl for decades, as I always have a houseful of rescue dogs who can be tough on floors. My vibe is decidedly mid century mod and the choices in vinyl are amazing.

      I’m a clean freak but a lazy one, and cleaning any vinyl is a breeze, but I go with a matte finish and don’t bother with any polish. I don’t think that detracts at all.

      Sheet vinyl is fast to lay down, and sleek with few seams (in smaller rooms, no seams) to darken over time and marvelous to clean. The downside is if there is damage to the floor, you can’t lift out a tile to replace. But you have to work pretty hard to hurt a vinyl floor, and there are products that can sometimes fill and camo a ding. Right now all my floors are covered in Armstrong Stonetex 18″ x 18″ tiles (yes, in grey, Pam 🙂 ) It wears like iron and looks great. The grid formed at the tile edges darkens to a very thin black line, which is why I like the larger 18-inch square format. The tiles oxidize over time so laying in a fresh replacement tile will pop for a while, but you do have that repair option.

      I love the look of this featured vinyl sheet and predict it’ll be my next flooring!

      1. Robin, NV says:

        Thanks for the pro tip! I hadn’t considered the wear and tear issues. I’m on the fence over sheet or tile myself.

        1. Jay says:

          Robin, this go-round, I’m having a beigy/yellow vinyl tile laid in the kitchen to replace the 14 yo residential sheet vinyl that looks much older as it has not worn well so I thought I would try something else this time.

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