Another potential source for hard-to-find vintage replacement tile: Vintage Building Supply / Rosten Remodeling in Sacramento

monarch-tileBuilding on my list of 15 (now 16) places to find basic 4 x 4 (or -ish) tiles including replacement tile, I recently heard from a *new* company that says they may be able to help readers. The company — Vintage Building Supply — in Sacramento, Calif., says that have and continue to accumulate vintage stock — that they are eager to work with homeowners to match replacement tiles — and they even sent photos of some catalogs to illustrate some oldies but goodies they may have in stock.

replacement-tile-12Owner Andy Rosten wrote:

We have a large stock of numerous manufacturers of discontinued tile from 1930s to 2000, and we offer free identification of those seeking to match existing installations as well as many retro colors, and ship all over North America. We welcome you adding us to your source list: Vintage Tile, 1619 E St, Suite B, Sacramento CA 95814 916-451-8424. In addition to wall and counter tile, we also carry many 8″ discontinued floor tiles and several 12″ floor tiles from Dal and Florida Tile.

I have been a general contractor doing repairs on older homes for over 25 years. Our building is rather non-descript with just our business name, Rosten Remodeling Inc. on the front door. This has been a side business for about a year, but I am slowly developing it as a separate one. I’ve made up some business cards that say Vintage Building Supply (I also have many antique plumbing, electrical, hardware & molding items), but I haven’t yet made a sign out front and I’m working on an advertising plan. It is VERY time consuming to seek out, clean, sort, identify and inventory tiles, and I’m still trying to get everything organized. Every week I run across new items I was unaware of, and I am planning to take photos of tiles from the other manufacturers that I don’t have sample boards. The photos I sent you are sample boards that are over 20 years old. We also have several floor tiles (mostly 8″) that are no longer available to help people trying to repair their floors.

I asked Andy if they have stock of every tile shown in the boards, and if they stock sufficient to do entire bathrooms. He replied:

No we do not have stock of every tile shown. Some we have none, some we have many, and some we may only have a few or only certain pieces. However, we are acquiring new tiles all the time as we search salvage yards. We have tiles from over 20 different manufacturers, although some we only have a few.  However, I have been developing a cross reference index because many manufacturers copied colors/patterns of others so sometimes we can offer close substitutes. This is especially true for such patterns as oatmeal, golden granite (a white with tan specks) and the Dal Mayan series (which was copied by at least 6 companies).  Our specialty is helping those who are trying to repair existing installations, and we offer free identification. We are not a good source for new installations where buyers are looking for large quantities as they would sell out quickly and then we couldn’t help others.  I can also send a diagram that shows the different pieces made with their corresponding part numbers.  Most lay people do not know how to accurately describe what piece they need. We often hear customers say they need a “bullnose” and there are more than a dozen different pieces called “bullnose.”

Some vintage tile boards in Andy’s collection:

where-to-find-replacement-tile replacement-tile-monarch monarch-tile replacement-tile-15 replacement-tile-14 replacement-tile-13 replacement-tile-12 replacement-tile-11 replacement-tile-10 replacement-tile-9 replacement-tile-8 replacement-tile-7 replacement-tile-6 replacement-tile-5 replacement-tile-4 replacement-tile-3 replacement-tile-2 replacement-tile-1

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  1. Rita Olsen says:

    we have a 1950 , motel – outside Chicago Illinois. We are looking for several broken and missing 1950 tile, and bullnose pieces.
    Where is the best place for finding those?
    and if we remodel the bathrooms is there a market to buy the
    tiles we take down???

  2. Carol says:

    My mom’s entire bathroom is Dal-Tile Mayan Gold. She has the matching hexagon tiles on the floor. It has been a super easy to live with color since 1967. The bathroom looks like a room full of sunshine. The only things that have been replaced are the drop in sinks (rust) and faucets, and the toilet. I still love that bathroom.

  3. Chase says:

    I am so excited! I have been attempting to match some grey/blue tile that I have in my 1951 house and just can’t get anything close with new options. Hopefully they will be able to help me!

    P.S. if anybody knows a source for vintage Wenczel tile, please post a response! My grey and pink bathroom will thank you!

  4. dkzody says:

    Great find! I see they have my kitchen tile. I have some cracked tiles that I would be happy to replace if I could find that original color. I don’t want to redo my kitchen as I like my tiles.

  5. Maria says:

    Oh I need oatmeal tile for my shower as well. Good thing I have a friend in Sac I often go visit.

    Thank you RR!!!!

  6. Bugchick says:

    Another recommendation if you should visit them….one block away is the Sacramento SPCA thrift store, which has a room devoted to vintage clothes and accessories. They also occasionally have mid-century household goods.

  7. Jay says:

    Vintage Building Supply is to be commended. Nothing will ever take the place of WOT but the more places RR can share that are attempting “matching” services for that one broken tile, well that’s good.

    That salt and pepper tile is a perennial. My sister and BIL decided to raise the height of the tub surround in their 70s raised ranch and had no problem matching it.

    1. Allen says:

      Jay were they able to match the salt and pepper tile through this company or from another source? I am looking to do the same thing. My shower stall needs work.

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