Crane 1937 Neuvogue sink by Henry Dreyfuss: The holy grail of pedestal sinks

My friends at DEA Bathroom Machineries aka deabath.com, longtime advertisers of the blog, let me know about this very rare find: A 1937 Crane Neuvogue pedestal sink. Correction: It’s not a “find” in the true sense — these bathroom Indiana Joneses hunted for three years to collect all the parts to make one sink. And then there was more fussing.

I think that… Brad Pitt or Barbra Streisand needs to buy this sink, they’re both big into design. In fact, Brad — may I call you Brad? — why don’t you contact me personally, and I’ll put you in direct touch with the folks at deabath. Heck, I’ll meet you there to look it over, and we can help you design a bathroom to go with. 

From the deabath.com website:

1937 Crane Neuvogue Pedestal Sink
This sink is the Holy Grail of pedestal sinks.  Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, this sink represents the pinnacle of Art Deco sink design.  Rarer than Hen’s teeth, it took us three years to come up with all the parts, and then we had to come up with a conversion kit to replace the original cartridges with something that actually works. This sink is the C-200 version, and it is 27 1/4” wide by 22” front to back, and stands 31” tall.  There are a few scuffs on the top of the waterfall spout, and a couple on the front lip.  There was a chip on the bottom right corner of the pedestal, it’s been repaired.   
Price: $8,995
Truck freight only!  Call for quote.

The DEA Bathroom Machineries team: From left to right, John V., Dave, Ray, Kristine, Patty, Tom, Kathy, Helmut, and John H. Missing from the photo is shop Artiste, Rob…

I really appreciate how deabath hustled to make this sink happen. Their quest indicates a real love of the vintage, just like the rest of us have. I love that aspect of “mission” in the businesses I often get to work with. xoxo

Seems to me this sink belongs in a museum.

  1. Annette MacKay says:

    I have one of these (and the matching tub) in pink. We are restoring the bathroom to its original glory. The green wall tile was painted over, a carpet glued to the pink tile floor and a cabinet built in that the sink is under mounted to. We want to take that cabinet out and either replace it with a buffet style cabinet that we can surface mount the sink on or find a replacement set of legs for free standing. We are close to DEA. So hope to take it up to them for some valve TLC. Fingers crossed all the tile hidden by the built in is in good shape.

  2. Lindel says:

    Head over to the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan and you’ll find this incredible sink in Henry II’s private bathroom. The entire room is done in dove gray Vitro-lite panels on the walls and what I recall as Vitro-lite tiles on the floor. A streamlined modern dream, beautifully executed. The bathroom is almost a religious experience!

  3. Sandra says:

    Fingers crossed, the high price will cause folks to think twice about tossing such things in the dumpster, and more gems will become available to those who appreciate them.

    1. Karen says:

      The only other blogger I actively follow was commenting to a reader on how she had replaced her awful avocado toilet. (ok, she may have said hideous) I couldn’t help but tell her about the part of the population that would have snatched that up. There needs to be some way to make these groups aware of each other. Maybe they’d like the appliances, etc that we don’t 🙂

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