A tiny, beautiful pink bathroom — saved — for me!

I’ve been in Kentucky all weekend — my Dad’s 80th birthday is today — and while here, I’ve been staying with my brother and his family. About two years ago, they bought a 1962 midcentury modern house that needed a ton of work. They have now lovingly restored it — and it’s an absolute treasure. One of the things they left virtually untouched — for me — was the pink bathroom in their guest room. This pint-sized pink potty space is so darn cute I could bust! And the sink and toilet, in particular: These are spectacular designs!

Above: The sink, toilet and tub are all American Standard. It’s difficult getting the color right with my iphone camera. The fixtures are decisively pink!

The sink is quite tiny — a petite lavatory on beautiful, hefty chrome-plated steel legs with an integral towel bar. All the fixtures are in near-perfect shape. I don’t think the bathroom was used much over the years.

Above: I edited this photo to be black and white to spotlight the lines of the toilet. Gracious, I think I will declare this the most beautiful toilet design in American history. I am too lazy right now to go looking for historical info, but I am pretty sure this design was available for decades. 

The wall tiles are salt-and-pepper. They are mud-set, I think. I tend to believe that salt ‘n pepper tiles came more into fashion around this time, the early 1960s. They are a nice way to do “white” but knocked down a bit so’s you don’t get a big slab ‘o white. Over the years, I’ve seen salt ‘n pepper tiles with a variety of ‘dots’ combinations: Golden combos, black combos, blue combos.

Note, when I retiled the bathrooms in my house, circa 2002, I had not started the blog yet… I did not know where to get Mamie pink bathroom tiles. If I had, for sure I’d have a B&W Tile pink powder room paradise in my own little palace!

I did go retro, though. One of my bathrooms has heron blue field tile, trimmed in white; another, rose beige trimmed in white; and the third, peach trimmed in black. And they all have wallpaper!

Above: There’s a recessed medicine cabinet, sliding doors.

Above: The floor is a random mosaic. I think you could replicate this one, more or less, using Dal-Tile’s Mosaic Design Tool. World of Tile used to have lots of 12″ x 12″ sheets like this, in colors like this, and older. Alas, the company is gone now.

Natalie and Graham’s doggie shower with Daltile Mosaic floor they designed.

More stories about designs using Daltile’s Mosaic Designer:


It’s the honorary Aunt Pam’s Vintage Pink Bathroom! #sohappy

Ack! I need to make some art for the bathroom to thank my brother and his family! xoxo family!


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  1. Lisa Compo says:

    Perhaps you could consult an attorney to see if it’s possible to contest the will, I believe it’s possible in some states. Would at least make you feel better knowing that you made the attempt.

    And…maybe you could offer to purchase some of the items they plan to discard during renovation. I do this all the time. I don’t usually get much success, but once did receive medicine cabinets, light fixtures, a Hall Mack cup holder and various odds and ends. Some folks are glad to have someone take it all away. Family dynamics are always a sore subject, I have been through that bitterness myself once. Best of luck.

  2. Amber Dancy says:

    I can’t watch the renovation shows, either.

    Our oven and range are that rarely-seen light brown color made by GE. I’m not sure what the refrigerator looked like, but every day for 4 years I’ve wished we still had it.

    I love my kitchen sooooo much, but I hate, hate, hate my new white fridge. I’d even accept harvest gold over white!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    How in the world were they able to keep all those pieces intact?! I’ve seen the dollhouses, a little worse for wear (love) but few pieces of furniture, etc.

  4. Janet Ross says:

    Love the bathroom.
    But highlight for me was the corgi.. Also do you have a better photograph of the doggie shower?
    Thank you Jan

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I would bet money that the “pink” bathroom is Suez Tan just like my 1958 bathroom! I have American Standard and color matched my toilet lid because the previous owner had used a mismatched pink lid. Love my Suez Tan bathroom!

  6. pam kueber says:

    It was very difficult for me to try and get the pink of the fixtures captured in a photograph, and, red is notoriously difficult to capture on computer screens. They are not tan — they are decisively pink. Your story does remind me of our original The Hard Way story, though!

  7. Madeline Ferraro says:

    Maybe you can contact HGTV and the production companies that make the reno shows and sell them to hgtv and inform them about recycling the classics that they are trashing — they could even make a segment where you go and meet the demo guys and save and re home whatever classics they would have destroyed

  8. Cheryl Hessler says:

    Pam- I too have a pink bathroom. The toilet we removed because it wasn’t very efficient the sink was set in formica counter and had rust around the drain so those two things we replaced. We did keep them. If you notice the tub really doesn’t match and is more of a tan than pink in your pictures and mine is the same way. My floor tiles are pink and shades of grey and white in a woven pattern that I love. I also have two shades of pink tile that go half way up the wall and pink in darker shade tops them.

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