1956 Hotpoint stainless steel range — very rare, I think

1956 hotpoint stainless steel rangeWere stainless steel freestanding kitchen ranges made back in the 1950s or 1960s? I didn’t think so, until I heard from a few readers via my recent story, Were stainless steel appliances use in vintage midcentury kitchens? Sarah was one of them — and provided this photo of her parents’ glorious 1956 Hotpoint range. Gorgeous — and I’d guess, very rare.

Sarah wrote:

Hotpoint. 1956. The original dishwasher was also stainless. The fridge, washer, and dryer had already been replaced by the time we moved in. The house also has lovely original stainless wall-mounted clocks that work as timed thermostat controls.

The stove is from my folks’ house outside of Chicago. This photo was taken right after my dad got the stove back from having it completely refurbished. (Bonus–check out the original green snowflake wall tile in the background!)

In a comment, Justin showed us another range similar to Sarah’s:

Hotpoint had a free-standing range in Stainless/Brushed chrome. It was from either 1955 or 1956.


In a comment, Phil also showed us this:

A few brands also offered brushed chrome drop-in ranges, not free standing ones but close. Here’s a 1969 Frigidaire Compact 30 that I have.

Pretty cool, huh!

  1. Holley in Houston, TX says:

    Beautiful! Still LoViNg your AWESOME stories, blogs, photos, time capsules and fabuloso write ups after stumbling across one of your stories years ago!!! Keep ’em coming sweet Pam!!! Just LOVE ReTrOrEnOvAtIoN!!! You ROCK!

  2. Mike says:

    All the appliances in our ’62 ranch were white, as were the countertops. Of course, our mother chose the colors, and I think the use of lots of color (even white) was the way it was done in those days. Heavens, I remember when both the interior and exterior of cars were the same color! Whatever was found in Better Homes & Gardens, etc., then that is what people wanted. Given the choice, I’d go with color over stainless, but it’s good that there are many choices from which to choose. One could consider stainless a “color” of sorts, if they wanted. There certainly was a lot of chrome in those days, so why wouldn’t stainless fit well into a mid mod theme?

  3. Phil says:

    Somebody told me that a store had 2 or 3 of these Hotpoint ranges and among them one or two brand new ones.

    And a few months ago, someone from PA sent me a picture of another stainless steel Hotpoint range like that that she had in her basement (one with the turquoise control panel). I have the picture saved on my computer but since it’s not mine, I haven’t uploaded it on Flickr to share. That one still had the griddle that plugged in on the right.

  4. Karin says:

    WOW. Lucky owner! That mirror-like finish and elegant design makes this for me one of the most beautiful stoves I have ever seen on the blog. It looks well cared for and probably is a workhorse. Great post, thank you.

  5. Josh says:

    I’d like to hear more about these “…wall-mounted clocks that work as timed thermostat controls.” (I’m super in to HVAC stuff at the moment.)

      1. Phil says:

        I also love vintage HVAC stuff! Unfortunately I don’t have central air at home and I can’t use all the thermostats and controls I have as many are heat/cool thermostats for forced-air systems.

        I have a 3 zone hydronic system with a gas boiler which makes the house very comfortable in winter. Since I moved a few months ago I had to fix a few things to make it work correctly (in fact, I started fixing stuff before I even bought the house). I replaced the 3 RA832A relays and repaired the aquastat but I went with vintage replacement parts! Two of the thermostats were fine but I replaced them with older ones anyway.

        Here are pictures of some thermostats I have (and of those I replaced).

        But since I also collect vintage window air conditioners, it’s OK not to have central air!

        I’m quite happy with how my favorite one fits in my bedroom window: https://flic.kr/p/TJ3Zto

        It seems to have been made to fit those aluminum windows!

        1. Josh says:

          Oh my goodness! You have got some beautiful stuff!! I’m swooning over that Honeywell Weatherstation and the glass on that Frigidaire built-in oven. Fun to see some Tap-Lites in there too!

          1. Amber Dawn says:

            Who mentioned thermostat clocks? My house came with the original 1948 Honeywell thermostat wall clock! It doesn’t control the temperature anymore, and the clear part’s not so clear, but the clock and the thermometer still work. If you stand beside it, you can hear the clock humming quietly.

            The temperature is still controlled by one of those round dial Honeywells. It’s not very accurate, but it gets the job done and every time I adjust the temperature it reminds me of how I was never allowed to touch the Thermostat at my parents’ house. Take THAT, mom and dad. I am a comfortable 72* year-round. 🙂

            1. Jay says:

              The round Honeywell t-stat is a midcentury classic designed by Henry Dreyfuss. I just removed mine (heat only) when I had central air installed and wanted a combination programmable stat.

  6. meb says:

    Still not a huge fan of stainless appliances, but that is a LOT more appealing than modern stainless.

    What I’d love to see, however, is a closeup of the tile. I’m a total sucker for snowflakes, and I don’t think I’ve seen this pattern before! ????❄️

  7. RAnderson says:

    The Chambers copper & stainless gas cooktop in Reply #4 in the link above is ours, in storage for use in our under-construction summer cottage in Vermont. We’ve since found the missing knobs. We have a NOS never used 1955 copper Chambers in-wall oven as well, originally bought for a kitchen re-do that never happened, stored in a basement for nearly 60 years, and finally put on craigslist when the original sold the home about 5 years ago… they’re still out there!

    1. Phil says:

      I have seen his Chambers electric oven and gas cooktop, they’re very nice, I love the oven door’s latch and how it feels!

      And Roger, didn’t you also have a pink Hotpoint range very similar or just like the stainless one?

      1. RAnderson says:

        Yes, had a pink 40″ one same yr and model as the stainless one above, now being enjoyed by a family in Michigan!

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