Whirlpool Sunset Bronze: This new kitchen appliance color will go on sale this fall

Bronze applianceWhirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances: Yes, the company has introduced this color and it will be available for purchase this fall. We first wrote this possible introduction a year and a half ago, and got 200 comments from people who eagerly wanted this warm color for their kitchen. Whirlpool was coy about whether it would actually introduce the color, but howdy hudee: Here it is. I like it because it reminds me of: vintage coppertone appliances. Whirlpool says the color, which is “achieved by color blocking painted stainless steel, is a perfect blend of gold, copper and bronze tones.”

BuilderOnline.com, which was at the show where this announcement was made, reported that the suite would be available on Whirlpool’s French door refrigerator, built-in dishwasher, over range microwave, and range oven.

BuilderOnline.com also talked to the company’s color manager for finishes, and reported that the company wanted to “soften the design of its appliances” and make them less industrial looking. It’s hygee time for kitchen appliances, tee hee! 

The finish is also fingerprint proof. But it’s still stainless steel underneath, so that means no magnets on the fridge. Pooh. Now that would be cozy!
Sunset Bronze appliance

What do you think, readers? Are you interested in this new color for your retro kitchen?

  1. Jude says:

    This color looks similar, just a little lighter, than my GE “Slate” color appliances! They are beautiful and we will be using them with our turquoise GE Wonder Kitchen that we are restoring! I highly recommend the slate color and GE in general!

  2. JSH says:

    I saw a very similar color on an appliance at Costco and the tag said it was champagne, is this the same color but under different mfg. also, would like to see other settings with med oak cabinets displaying all of the appliances frig, oven, dishwasher and microwave to see if it is a color fit for my kitchen. Love the color.

  3. Dena Grenicko says:

    There here!!!
    I have been waiting too!!
    They can be bought at RC Willy’s and in other appliance stores!!
    Mine are to be delivered in 7-10 days!!
    Go get them!!

  4. EvK says:

    i just ordered mine through an appliance store in NH today. They do not deliver far however, But they may be able to help you figure something out if you are not in New England. Baron’s Appliances in Nashau NH is who i am about to order with!! they will be ready for me in Mid May, he called whirlpool to confirm = for now, its still considered a special order before it hits all the stores!! Hope that helps!! I hope its as gorgeous in person!!!

  5. Mo says:

    I spoke with Whirlpool and was given prices foe the individual appliances. I was told they will be ready for sale in Spring 2018 for sure. Sunset Bronze is really beautiful and I cant wait.
    As for the color changing with kitchen colors and lighting…well that also happens with stainless.

  6. bill says:

    We have waited for over a year now. Do you now when it will be available?? we holding up the remolding of our kitchen until we can purchase.



  7. Kimberly Pool says:

    I e-mailed the company in November, and they responded that there is really no time soon that this product will be available. I even got
    the impression from their response that it is not even in the works. Very disappointed…..can’t hold off much longer….I’m about to go with GE slate color. I actually saw it in “real life” at Sears the other day, and compared to the Stainless Steel grey, it has a slight bronze look.

    1. Jacqueline Rudig says:

      The new kitchenaid slate is also worth a look. I can’t wait any longer either for the whirlpool sunset bronze. I almost went with the Chill line of retro appliances, but the cost was so high !
      Oh well. One way to ensure that sunset bronze will become available is for me to purchase a whole suite of Kitchenaid slate! ????

  8. Nancy cureton says:

    I am currently building a new home and have been watching for the sunset bronze appliances to arrive in stores. I have my heart set in them for my new home for March 2018. Can I expect them to be in stores by then?

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