Such great stuff! Shopping at the Berkshires Habitat ReStore in Pittsfield — 45 photos

Proving yet again that I have an awesome ReStore Habitat for Humanity store in the next town over, Pittsfield, Mass., I went to prowl around and found it chock ablock with interesting stuff. Come shopping with me! 45 photos! Above: Beautiful detail from a big wood wall unit, notice the gilded inside back!

The whole unit. Remember the time I turned the top portion of one of these(ish) into a tiki bar — just $10 ?

Above: Jens Risom desk. A bit chippy. Already sold.

Above: A real hunka hunka industrial sewing machine from the longtime, now defunct Waverly fabric outlet in Adams. I had three sets of basement pinch pleats made there in the mid-00’s. Hey, maybe this was the machine that sewed them!

Nice wall to wall carpeting, bigggg pieces.

I already have two wagon wheel lights.

Longggggg coffee table. Like, 10′ long!

I love these old step-back cupboards!

The styling — 60s Provincial, I guess — of this pair of side tables is not my cup o’ tea, but I took a photo anyway to say: The basic design idea is soooo functional.

Long shot.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t!


One of my favorite spottings of the day — they reminded me of those Dutch lights I featured the other day. These are all Lightolier, and lighting was half off that day. So: $2.50 each. 

Colonial hobnail lighting, me likey.

Oooooh, even more! That red toleware shade!

Buhahahaah, this is one of those swag lights from the 70s (I think) that took a WHOLE big lampshade.

Above: This is the only thing I bought. Nautical. For the Mahalo Lounge. I’ll probably just put an electric candle in it and position it somewhere for mood lighting. Oh. Guess what? My wallpaperer finally came up for air. She’s going to finish my ceiling — maybe next week! Woot! The project may get done after all!

Goodness, these are everywhere in old houses in Pittsfield. They are so sweet, and generally suit the architecture perfectly. There were four or six of these sconces. I don’t want to think about what replaced them. 

I love mill finish aluminum.

The graphics!

Real copper finials on these andirons, do ya think?

Howdy hudee.

Old (I’m pretty sure) wire shelf. I was really tempted. But I stopped. Do. Not. Need. More. Stuff. To. Hold. My. Stuff.

Hunka hunka bathroom sink.

Blue lowboy.


And more windows!

And more windows. Again. Wow. Combo storms and screens on the outside, make sure they were in there insulated and tight. And they would probably have lasted another 70 years. 

Vintage exercise machine.

Lots and lots of beds.

Even green painted ones!

Bittersweet orange laminate. So gorgeous.

Orange painted steel or cast iron somethings. 

From the black forest. This photo is out of order. How did it get here?

This was $100, that’s a good price for an Anderson window, I think.

Space heaters scare me because I’m always reading about how one just caused a house fire.

But the graphics are rockin’.

Oil can.

These musta come from the house with the windows and the sconces, don’t you think? 

Time to pay up! Yes, even the cash register was for sale!

Cheap fun!

  1. DavidF says:

    I have two sets of shelves almost exactly the same, right down to the gold backing, like that wall unit in the first pictures. They came from The Ark in Chicago.

  2. Donna says:

    I recently bought $110 worth of Franciscan Interpace tile for 25¢ each at my Habitat Restore. 12”x12”s, flats of 4”x4”s and 12” triangles
    They had been sitting somewhere for over 30 years and I am pressure washing each and every one. But it’s worth it when I am ready to replace the 1990’s flooring in my 1974 built home.. I’m a huge fan and drop in at least once a week. Also have been collecting up tile for the bathroom remodel and my mosaic garden walkways.

  3. Christine W says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have looked at this ! Now I want to move to Pittsfield.
    I want all those windows. When we bought our house the previous owner had torn out most of the beautiful wood casement windows with transoms, to replace with double hung vinyl windows. Seventeen years later these vinyl windows need to be replaced (I redid the original wooden ones that were left and they’re fantastic). I got a quote to replace the vinyl with new wooden ones that are the same as our old ones $6,000 each !

  4. Maria says:

    My goodness you’ve got a good restore! We have two nearby, but mostly filled with new stuff from overseas. Kinda like a dollar store. Plus, quite expensive. No deals there at all. 🙁

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