Jamie’s custom-design Daltile mosaic bathroom floor — and Hall-Mack Relaxation Unit and recessed scale, too!

It’s so great that readers are still able to design their own mosaic tile patterns and colors using Daltile’s Mosaic Pattern Designer. I keep thinking, one day this will just be gone, but it’s still there. I chased after Jamie when I saw her comment in this story on the blog.

In her comment, she wrote:

Lauren’s bathroom makeover story and “3 ideas for Angela’s aqua bathroom design” were how I learned about Daltile’s pattern designer, and I pretty much copied those almost exactly in 2 of my bathrooms. And yes, the store where I ordered from was like “huh, I didn’t know we could even do this!”, but they were awesome and my floors came out perfect (even if they did try to talk me out of blue tiles because “no one wants blue anymore, think of the resale value!”).

One of the original residents of my home recently stopped by when she was in town for her 50th high school reunion, and it took her a minute to realize that the floors were brand new, not the original floors she remembered from her childhood. And now she’s been texting me pictures of the house from when she was a kid so I can see what it all looked like in the 50s and 60s.

So we connected via email, and I asked Jamie if she could send photos. Howdy hudee, there was some more deliciousness in that bathroom that she had forgotten to mention! 

hall mack recessed bathroom scaleJamie wrote:

I don’t have any vintage photos of the bathroom, sorry.  When we moved in, the floor was shaggy, gross carpet over some badly worn vinyl tile, and there was 80s wallpaper.  The sub-floor was in bad shape, due to the shower having a leaky sliding glass door.  There was a non-functioning low, oblong gray toilet in this bathroom, looked like it was probably from late 60s-early 70s.  We removed it immediately and then it took me almost 2 years to track down a blue replacement to closely match the blue tub.  Finally found it on Craigslist 80 miles away, NOS, sitting in a guy’s basement for 30 years for a half bath project that he never got around to doing.

The floor is newer Daltile, I swiped the pattern & color combo directly from one of your stories.  The joists needed to be reinforced and subfloor entirely replaced due to the leaky shower door/old toilet problems. I think the Pepper White rectangles have since been discontinued. I remember it being an issue when we ordered, but they had just enough left for our square footage.

hall mack relaxation unit

The Hall-Mack built-in scale and “Relaxation Unit” were installed by the previous owners when they did the bathroom renovation sometime in the early 60s – house was built in 1950 and the original footprint of the bathroom was much smaller.  

Our tile installer had the idea of doing the blue cove base border around the scale and it’s the perfect touch.  And the Relaxation Unit is perfect to hold books for potty training the toddler.  We have other Hall-Mack built-ins in several other rooms too.  They must have gone through the catalog and picked stuff to put everywhere.

Frankie the Boston Terrier photobombed me at every angle.

Thank you for sharing, Jamie! The tile, the toilet… the whole bathroom — and all of you — look fabulous! What a happy bathroom and I bet, a happy home! 

P.S. This made me laugh, it’s just SO “things that Retro Renovators say”:

…We removed it immediately and then it took me almost 2 years to track down a blue replacement to closely match the blue tub.  Finally found it on Craigslist 80 miles away, NOS, sitting in a guy’s basement for 30 years for a half bath project that he never got around to doing.

Tee hee.

  • This link should get you to all my stories about Daltile’s Mosaic Design Tool aka Pattern Designer
  • And, this link for recessed Hall-Mack bathroom products — Relaxation Unit, bathroom scale, and more.

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  1. Rick S says:

    Nice job with the tile. It looks like it was always there.
    Your toilet looks like the blue American Standard one we replaced when we refurbished the upstairs hall bathroom.
    The fiberglass tub/shower had a crack that was getting worse and we replaced it with white.
    The toilet went on EBAY and shipped from Wisconsin to Georgia. The man who bought it had broke the tank lid on his and needed a replacement. His whole bathroom, tile and fixtures, where same blue. He said it was getting him out of the Dog House with his wife.

  2. Nikki says:

    I love the tile! And I have the same shower curtain to go with a custom DalTile mosaic in the random block pattern, too. It’s great to be able to make the floor your own. I had the same issue, where the tile store didn’t even know the custom designs were possible. I did black/white/grey, though, to go with white tile on the walls (with black trim).

  3. Jay says:

    Sounds like a previous owner did have good judgment in how the space was reallocated even if you were left with an unsavory sounding bath judging by your description. I thought maybe the bath had been expanded because bungalows don’t typically have mile long double sink vanities. Your new bath is beautiful and we all dream that someone will show up unannounced that they once lived in the house years ago and share memories/photos.

  4. Jamie D. says:

    It is an American Standard! Likely from the early-mid 1980s from the looks of the box and the price tag from Hechinger’s.

    The tub is original to the house, which was built in 1950, and is enameled cast iron. It’s a bit scuffed up but no chips at all!

  5. Jamie D. says:

    It’s amazing! I doubt that I would have even met her except that it happened to be a nice, warm day and I was sitting on the porch with my daughter when she pulled up out front with her friend and asked to take pictures to send to her brother. She was in town for the weekend for her high school reunion.

    My father-in-law and several of his uncles and cousins all grew up in the same neighborhood, so they knew the “kids” who grew up in our house. It wasn’t that risky inviting a total stranger into our house. Her story checked out 😉

    Amazingly, she told us that she owned a book that had belonged to someone from my father-in-law’s family. She happened to be at an estate sale, not even local to us, and picked up the book and recognized the name in the inscription, so she bought it. It’s a small, small world. She recently mailed it to us so we can reunite it with a relative.

    And the pictures she sent me of the original house? The decor is to die for! I wish the wallpaper and draperies still existed! Some of our paint colors and furniture are very similar.

  6. Jamie D. says:

    Exactly! I was set on the waterfall blue and the tile shop’s owner said “you should really consider a neutral, think of the resale value.” I was like, dude, I couldn’t care less about resale value, I’m living here now and plan to live here for a long time, so I’m getting what makes me happy.

    I was glad the installer saw it from my point of view rather than his boss’s…it seemed that he really enjoyed our vision for the bathroom and installing something not-beige.

  7. Rick S says:

    I was told the color is Dresden Blue and original to our c1978 house.
    Every other faucet and toilet in the house was Kohler when the house was built, but at the time Kohler didn’t have the right blue.
    The other toilet colors in the house were Swiss Chocolate and Almond. Look inside the tank or on the lid for manufacture date. It may have sat on the shelf before install but tells when toilet was made.

  8. nina462 says:

    Nice job. You know, I look at my floor tile every day (same pattern, all in blues) and think I want to make a quilt pattern just like it as I am a quilter…but can’t! It would involve an inset square. Darn…but I think of it all the time.

    Nice job!

  9. Carol says:

    My MIL had a toothbrush holder recessed into the wall – when the flat chrome panel was pushed the toothbrushes and water glass would twirl out – she had a fabulous yellow main bathroom….

  10. KStacey says:

    I was lucky enough to buy our house from the almost original owner (he only lived there for 49 years, haha) who was also quite the shutterbug, even had his own camera shop when he retired, etc. there were hundreds, if not thousands of pictures left behind. Most of them were stuff that means nothing to me, “Maybel’s birthday, Red Lobster 1996” kind of stuff. But the pictures in/around the house are priceless! It does hurt a little when I see some of the original fixtures or shag carpet from 1968… but for the most part, the house was spared any upgrade-mania, and has been fairly easy to bring back to its mid-century glory. Stripping the country blue off the porch railings was a b!%#! though! Haha!

  11. Laura says:

    Is the pattern designer still there? I can’t find it on Daltile’s website. Would it be possible to include a link? Thanks

  12. Pam Kueber says:

    Seems like it’s gone now. It was still there when I wrote the story about Jamie’s bathroom two months ago… alas.

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